Take Note, LOL MSI 2022 in Busan

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LOL Mid Season Invitation 2022 in Busan, Korea

Creative Technology Korea (CT) completed the 2022 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI 2022) in Busan, Korea.

This is the first time the teams took the stage in front of live audiences since the pandemic and marked the return of the first international LoL tournament in Asia since the 2020 Worlds in Shanghai.

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is an annual League of Legends tournament hosted by developer and publisher Riot Games since 2015. Winning teams of the Spring Split within their own regional leagues compete at the annual tournament.

It is the second most important international League of Legends tournament aside from the World Championship. Due to COVID-19 outbreaks, the MSI 2020 was not fully held due to various restrictions.

For this year’s MSI, the creative direction was to create an abstract and dynamic event. LED panels produced vibrant and energetic effects by showing different content on every panel simultaneously throughout the matches. 

* 500x panels of ROE BP2

* 330x panels of ROE DM2

* 4x 20K & 2x 40K Barco Projectors

* 520x lighting fixtures

* 215x custom made steel structure

* 158x LED, Linear, Lighting and Rigging engineers

* 2,238 meters of linear LEDs

* 329 meters of LED pixel tapes

* 1,341 meters of truss

* USD 2million of total billing

* 500 sqm of stage ceiling, 400 sqm of stages (center and sides)

* 2x 14m by 8m custom made projection screens

* Over 5,000 spectators

     * LoL accounts for 27% of the world’s Esports ratings

* MSI had an average of 10 million to up to 23 million viewers per minute

For more information please contact Jeon Hyuck   hjeon@ctasiapacific.com

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