Corporate & Commercial

Improve efficiency, enhance productivity, and increase your customer engagement through audio-visual technology in the corporate environment.  


Office & Meeting Rooms

We design systems to address the needs of a wide range of corporate communications requirements, from fully integrated meeting room systems to video conference systems, digital signage and IPTV systems, media capture solutions and more.  



Healthcare facilities have a vast range of requirements for managing images, from public-facing information boards to child welfare assessment units, to medical imaging systems. Our Systems Integration team have worked with hospitals worldwide to provide cost-effective solutions that improve communication and maximise resources and efficiency.  



We assist educational establishments in captivating, inspiring, and engaging students through immersive audio-visual technology, from visual communication systems, in-classroom AV systems and remote learning platforms to bespoke solutions that help deliver educational excellence through inspirational learning environments.  


Digital Signage

We are a world leader in ambient digital signage solutions with over a decade of experience in specifying, installing, and maintaining systems. Our digital signage platform allows you to display dynamic, engaging content to your target audience. Our platform can manage deployed screens in a cohesive and reliable manner, whether within a single location or distributed across a country or even worldwide.  

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