Joining Edvard Munch’s Iconic Work to a New Iconic Building

Edvard Munch is Norway’s internationally best-known painter and the originator of some of painting’s most iconic images. Munch bequeathed large parts of his collection to the city of Oslo, and a brand new and iconic building was completed for opening in the autumn of 2021.


The new museum emphasized that the museum will be a clearly profiled cultural institution of high quality and will be a leader in the development of the modern museum. The museum has a vision of communicating to the public about Edvard Munch’s art, life, and work using future-oriented solutions.

The client placed great emphasis on the esthetical and visual integration with the interior of the building, as well as the well-design system integration of technology in terms of robustness, operation, service, and support. High-quality components were an overriding requirement, as well as training of staff and documentation. As an extension of the installation, the musum wanted to enter into a support agreement, with a short response time and a high degree of accessibility.

The Munch Museum is 24,200 sqm and has a total cost framework of NOK 2 billion.


Creative Technology was responsible for a comprehensive delivery that included the design, delivery, and installation of the overall system for management, energy monitoring, management and control of the building’s fixed AV systems and components.

CT delivered all digital control and infrastructure such as AV over IP for streaming audio-visual information to dedicated display surfaces. All digital signage and multimedia; in cinemas, meeting rooms, multipurpose halls, project rooms, canteen, restaurant, studio, sound studio, and the dissemination room, as well as LED walls with bespoke framings manufactured in our own workshop, stage machinery, digital guide systems with handheld devices, mobile equipment for sound, light and image.

In addition to our equally extensive delivery to the new National Museum, which opened in the summer of 2022, Much’s delivery reflects the wide range of skills and competence CT and our staff possesses.

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