Creating Engaging Virtual Events

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11 May, 2020
Creating Engaging Virtual Events

We have seen an increase in demand for engaging virtual events in 2020, and with so many online events taking place, it can be challenging to stand out. One of the biggest challenges is keeping the attendee’s attention, especially when distractions are only a click away in the online world.

Creating engaging virtual events takes time and a lot of planning. In many ways, online events require a lot more production and development time than their physical counterparts. It is important to involve your AV company at an early stage to allow sufficient time to develop creative virtual environments, pre-record speakers, and create the hosting platform and much more.

With that in mind, Creative Technology (CT) have put together a few tips and information on how we can help you create engaging virtual events.

Connecting Your Audience

There are many ways you can get your audience to connect and engage throughout the event, such as allowing time before it starts to prepare attendees on what they are going to expect and how they can get the most out of the session.

At CT, we can help you engage with your audience through multiple interactive features such as questionnaires, free text functions and polls, allowing the audience to ask questions to speakers, participate in quizzes, brainstorm ideas, and much more. We have the technology to enable your audience to verbally communicate with the speaker or, if you prefer, connect via a monitored online comment section.

Why not lift the atmosphere of your event by bringing in a live audience online. Through our unique interactive functionality, the online audience is an engaged part of your event, and contributors can appear onstage with the hosts just as if everyone were physically present.

Production Quality

To create engaging virtual events, you will need to think outside the box. Keep your attendee’s attention with creative virtual set designs, engaging content and quality video, camera angles, lighting and audio. Virtual environments don’t have the physical parameters and restrictions that come into a live physical event such as gravity or weight loads of structures. With this in mind, you can be as creative as you like with the design and style of your event.

CT provides innovative technological solutions to host and stream cutting-edge, fully interactive virtual or remote events. We have multiple virtual studios worldwide that are designed to accommodate a wide range of productions from corporate meetings and live panel discussions to product launches, film, TV, entertainment and much more. CT has a broad array of technologies from the simplest LED backdrop to the most advanced extended reality environment. Our global team of experts work with our clients to maximise impact within the physical, budgetary and of course, safety requirements of a given space. Our studio functionality opens up a world of creative opportunities.

CT globally follow strict social distancing measures and adhere to all Covid-19 government guidelines. Our studios provide a safe environment which includes a social distanced control room, face masks, hand wash and sanitation stations to ensure the safety of all our staff and clients.

Choose A Passionate Presenter

An exciting speaker will keep your attendee’s attention and connected, especially if the presenter is passionate about the topic. It is essential to know you can still have the speaker of your choice despite regional travel bans.

CT can help you include presenters and performers from anywhere around the world through pre-recorded elements or live video conferencing platforms. Further, integration of our communication system into any video conferencing platform will enable seamless communication between local crew, remote presenters, stage management and all other essential participants.


Attendees want to know their data is secure and safe. Security is a crucial concern for many clients, and it’s essential to be able to offer encrypted feeds with high levels of security protocols to keep the client’s data private and safe. Some of the standard video calling software available at the moment does not have this in place, so it’s important to make clients aware of this and be able to offer a safe and secure solution.

As a global operation, CT is well-placed to stream securely from anywhere and at any time. Encoding and delivering your show to one, or many online platforms simultaneously; existing platforms, or fully customised endpoints, we offer a wide range of solutions to bring your event online. Our video on demand solution also allows you to keep your event available online for your audience to view anytime.