Versatile Studios

Versatile and stylish, our global collection of studios offer fully immersive, interactive and augmented virtual environments. Our live events experience brings operational and technical expertise to virtual and hybrid events on any scale. Virtual studios optimised to meet the demands of your organisation, from compact green-screen systems to full-blown TV studios and film production volumes with state-of-the-art camera tracking, high end real-time content rendering and LED backdrops. 


In House Studios

Many Creative Technology locations around the world have purpose-built production studio spaces incorporating green screen and/or LED extended reality and virtual environments. High production galleries, stateoftheart server and camera tracking systems along with production, meeting and green room space provide ideal locations for virtual event or specialist content production. 


Virtual Production Volumes

Alongside our network of in-house virtual production spaces, we have partnered with several third-party studios and leading technology experts to create larger and highly specialist virtual production volumes targeting in-camera VFX for film, drama, advertising and corporate applications. 

The potential of these dynamic and versatile stages is literally unfolding before our eyes as we see an increasingly diverse client base explore the incredible creative possibilities these stages provide. 


Pop-up Process Volumes

As the virtual production world evolves and directors become more familiar with the technology and the possibilities, we see increasing demand for shortterm installation of bespoke virtual production volumes for key sequences and shots within a complex storyboard. Combining our studio and server expertise with, best in class live event rigging and installation capabilities enables us to quickly design, deploy and operate custom volumes for specific applications. 


Studio Streaming

All our in-house and external partnership facilities are equipped with high bandwidth fibre connectivity and fully redundant streaming systems to allow multiple consecutive signal paths in and out to accommodate the most complex multi-site event production. 

As a global operation we are equipped to deliver multi-location virtual and hybrid events form a combination of permanent and pop-up virtual performance spaces. 

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