CT Middle East Partnership with L-Acoustics

  • Systems Integration
10 July, 2020
CT is pleased to announce we are officially an authorised L-Acoustics Calibration Certified Provider in the Middle East and one of only three companies to have this privilege.

L-Acoustics recently announced the creation of Authorised Calibration Centres, designed to both strengthen the technical partnership between L-Acoustics and its Certified Providers (CPs), and to deliver a greater level of system configuration and calibration expertise at a local level for small to medium installations.

Companies that become Authorised Calibration Centres are able to offer their customers a service level, from design to commissioning to calibration that is identical to that provided by L-Acoustics. The Authorised Calibration Centres will extend L-Acoustic’s geographical proximity to end-users while guaranteeing the same in-house level of L-Acoustics quality service and responsibility.

“For Creative Technology, being an Authorised Calibration Centre allows us to provide a greater level of service, knowledge and support to our clients, both from within our technical engineering teams and having direct access to L-Acoustics development and support management,” says Andy Reardon, Middle East Managing Director. “We pride ourselves in delivering solutions based on engineering and from the ground up. The Authorised Calibration Centre gives us greater levels of understanding of L-Acoustics systems, processors and procedures. It’s a great pleasure to be appointed as one of the first Authorised Calibration Centres globally, and it represents the next step in our relationship with L-Acoustics.”

“The partnership with our CPs is extremely important to us,” says Arnaud Delorme, applications engineer at L-Acoustics. “We maintain a very close two-way relationship with them, keeping them up to date on innovations at L-Acoustics while also constantly seeing their field experience and feedback. This new level of partnership will ultimately be rolled out with all our partners where technical relations are already well established and who wish to go even further with their L-Acoustics systems.”