Creative Technology at the Oregon 2022 World Athletics Championships

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2 August, 2022
On the 15th of July, the 2022 World Athletics Championships began in Eugene, Oregon marking the first time this event has taken place in the United States.

The very best track and field athletes in the world have come together to compete in what has been an explosive showcase of determination and talent.

The University of Oregon stadium, Hayward Field has been transformed into a world class arena for the event including Sports Presentation facilities provided by long standing World Athletics supplier Creative Technology (CT).

Whilst CT has participated in numerous World Athletics Championships going back over several decades, it is in recent years that the relationship has blossomed with an increased focus on Sports Presentation which started at the World Championships London 2017 and has built steadily at numerous World Athletics events around the globe ever since, including the spectacular track projection in Doha in 2019.

Although there is a huge focus on the exciting Sports Presentation delivery which never fails to wow the audience – it is equally important for CT to embrace key sustainability protocols in their approach to delivering these events. Oregon 2022 is a great example of how the core team and CT in the UK work with the wider World Athletics event production team to tailor the technical resources required for each event with an ever-increasing focus on the goals of World Athletics’ sustainability strategy. CT recognise the importance of providing the elevated level of service required whilst also taking clear actions towards a more sustainable delivery which includes minimising equipment freight, air travel, and focusing on working with existing venue resources and local suppliers.

In Eugene CT’s team, led by Project Manager Matt Hartfree, are managing the delivery of content production, playback, communications, and live data rendering for the unusually shaped, in-stadium LED screens.

Matt comments, “We have made huge strides since Doha back in 2019 in addressing the environmental and sustainability issues around major events such as this. Almost all the equipment has been sourced in the US and most of the operational staff have been sourced locally, not only reducing travel related emissions but in also building valuable local skills and experience, leaving a legacy for the future events.”