CT NE invests in Augmented Reality technology

  • Live Events
28 September, 2021
To support the creation of innovative and engaging virtual events, Creative Technology Northern Europe has invested in cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology, thereby reaching a milestone of innovation in the company’s virtual events portfolio.

Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for years in the television industry, providing vivid dynamics to graphic elements in various types of productions, such as for example sports and entertainment. In recent times the market and interest for Augmented Reality have exploded and as a member of the NEP broadcast service family, Creative Technology has been at the forefront of bringing AR technology into the virtual events arena.

“During the pandemic the live events industry has evolved and changed into a hybrid kind of reality, having traditional live events elements and broadcast services working side by side. Although we now see a trend of some live events coming back, it’s clear that virtual events are here to stay in one form or another – either as a replacement or a complement to traditional live events. Therefore, we are taking the next step in our offer to the market and are adding AR capabilities to our virtual events production portfolio”, said Allen Ratkovic, Sales Executive at Creative Technology Northern Europe.

Augmented Reality technology allows for placing virtual objects in 3D space and have program hosts, guests, keynote speakers and artists interact with them as if they are real. Creative Technology’s AR capabilities involve advanced camera tracking solutions and state-of-the-art media servers, all providing complete freedom of camera movement and graphics – limited by imagination only.

AR enhances the production dynamics by bringing remote speakers to the stage, releasing graphics from the confines of physical screens and propels virtual product demonstrations to the next level, enhancing viewer engagement on any event ranging from product launches and conferences, to live music.

“We’ve seen clients using AR by for example inviting their remote keynote speakers to appear on virtual screens instead of physical ones, creating a bold and modern statement and at the same time impressing and engaging the audience. Others have used the technology to launch new products in a spectacular manner, educating their teams without having them travel miles to see the products in real life. We see endless possibilities with AR and look forward to working with our clients in bringing their virtual events to the next level”, said Ratkovic.

Creative Technology’s AR innovation team has been busy creating content and implementing 3D graphics into productions, continually expanding and developing the AR offer to clients.

“To help our clients lifting their events to the next level is great, and for customers looking to raise the bar, the advantages of AR are obvious. Whether the production takes place in one of CT’s pre-built studios or at our clients’ premises, adding the required technology is effortless, and working with established partners and workflows in content creation is a great way to ease into this new technology. I am eagerly anticipating to discover what imaginative ways our clients will let the content break free from traditional confines and challenge the ways in which key messages are delivered to maximize impact and engagement with the audience”, said Video Specialist, Rune Ratting.

For questions, enquires or idea exchanging, we invite anyone interested in the world of AR to have a chat with us, together discovering what we can do to bring your creative visions to life!