CT's newly renovated Sleeper Trailers ready for the summer season

  • Live Events
21 February, 2023
When working with large outdoor events such as festivals and sporting events in hard-to-reach places, a Sleeper Trailers can be a flexible and efficient alternative to hotels.

This summer CT’s newly renovated Sleeper Trailers will be rolled out at for example Sweden Rock in Sölvesborg and Grøn Koncert in Denmark to serve as accommodation for the technical crews. CT’s Sleeper Trailers are furnished with beds and storage for the team out in the field. The trailer is transported by a truck and once in place the Sleeper Trailers is connected to an electricity central via an included 32 amp cable. In addition to the 24 beds, which are all equipped with a reading light, electrical outlet, storage pocket and drink holder, the sleeper trailer has an air conditioning system that ensures fresh air and heat or cold depending on the need. A code lock on the front door allows easy and safe passage for the team, while refrigerators keep food and drinks cold.

Last year, CT’s Sleeper Trailers were renovated with new beds, ceilings, electricity and paint job.

“We have put in a lot of work with our Sleeper Trailers to equip them and make them fresh and stylish for all the festivals and outdoor events of the upcoming summer”, says Tony Johannesson, Vehicle Manager at Creative Technology.

Sleeper Trailers are still relatively uncommon in Sweden and tour buses, or Nightlines, are mostly used as accommodation for the technical team on tours and festivals. One of the advantages of a sleeper trailer is that you can disconnect it from the truck which can then be used for other purposes. Once the Sleeper Trailers is established, it stands firm and stable without rocking movements. The trailer also insulates well from sound and light.

“I get much better sleep in a Sleeper Trailers than in a Nightliner. Especially if you are going to sleep during daytime after working the night shift, as there are no windows and it gets really dark. They also sound-insulate well from the sound of concerts and noise outside. In addition, they are cool even in summer and have a very good fresh air system, says Petter Rimfors, project manager/rigging expert at CT.

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