tecViz activates the participants during CTFest22

During CTFest22 Gothenburg in December, the tecViz team took the opportunity to present something spectacular and inspiring to the event attendees. The idea was to provide a quiz for moderator Frida Zetterström to engage and activate the audience. The challenge was to create an integrated, easy-to-use and attractive experience for the visitors.

The task

  • The app would have the same visual expression as the presentation on the large LED screen
  • It would be easy for participants to open the app
  • Each participant had to automatically get their own invented identity
  • It would be easy for the participants to answer the quiz questions
  • The questions and results needed to be displayed on the large LED screen while being presented orally by the moderator
  • Display of questions and results on the LED screen would follow the visual expression of the Christmas display
  • The demo needed to be able to show the “little extra”

The goal was to show how tecViz Event can be used in advanced contexts where the requirements for easy handling, operational reliability and visual adaptation are high.

It was important from the start to take advantage of the “little extra” and an idea was tested to be able to make a seamless display on the middle part of the LED screen where with an animation from floor to ceiling you could “open” the screen to show questions and results.

Using HTML, CSS, and the latest tecViz invention Conditional CSS Engine, two panels, each containing one half of the original CTFest22 graphics, were able to slide apart to reveal questions and results.

Another important challenge was that the experience in the app needed to match CTFest22’s visual form and also stand out as something that you don’t usually see in similar contexts. Our i tecViz developers solved this with a computer game-inspired font, glow effects and a moving background.

With a cohesive graphic in the app and on the LED screen, they had now created an experience that extended from the participant’s hand to the moderator and what was happening on stage.

More functions

QR code: Since the QR reader is now built into the camera in both iPhone and Android, participants could easily open the app when the QR code was displayed on the LED screen.

Anonymous Attendees: A new feature in tecViz Event allows the operator to automatically assign names to anonymous attendees. As soon as the app is opened with the QR code, the participant receives a free name from a previously created name list. They chose here to use famous Disney characters and Hollywood actors.

Easy to respond: Another new function in tecViz Event allows the participant to click on the response option and it is sent immediately: One-click-submit. Quick and easy!

Synchronization: To synchronously display questions and results along with the moderator, we used tecViz Event to trigger forms and other events. The new thing was that the events could now becaptured by a web page and manipulated using the Conditional CSS Engine without having to write JavaScript code. The purpose of the new function is to work more efficiently and to provide new creative possibilities when creating event-driven web pages.

In summary, the presentation of tecViz during CTFest22 Gothenburg was very successful. Together with the production team on site, it was possible to create a coherent and spectacular experience in a short time. With the help of tecViz, you could put more effort into the visual experience and less into programming.

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