We have the talent, experience, and creativity to design and execute the perfect stage for your next event. Whether it’s a massive music festival or a formal business conference, we can provide complete staging solutions from start to finish. Our committed technical production team has decades of experience in staging and in-depth knowledge of many venues’ logistical factors and existing infrastructure. 


Stages & Structures

Our team of experts possess the talent, experience, and creativity to craft an ideal stage for any event. From massive music festivals to formal business conferences, we provide complete stage design and execution services. Our highly skilled technical production team, with decades of experience in staging, are well-versed in the logistical factors, structural engineering, and existing infrastructure of most major venues, ensuring a perfect stage experience. 



At the core of a successful and secure technical setup lies expert planning and rigging. As a fully equipped provider, we offer a wide range of rigging equipment for projects of all sizes. Our adaptable inventory allows us to cater to any project requirements. We pride ourselves in our team’s proficiency in using powerful software tools for designing and creating detailed drawings and plans maximising efficiency and where needed load potential, but most importantly ensuring safe systems of work and detailed engineering/safety data prior to and during installation, operation and removal. Our on-site crews are composed of highly trained and skilled professionals who execute even the most intricate designs with precision and safety. 


Custom Solutions

For projects that require a bespoke approach, we excel at customising and adapting existing solutions or creating new ones using in-stock parts and equipment. Our expertise is built on using our modular scaffold systems, combined with custom trussing and components, to construct complex technical stage systems. With ample rental materials at our disposal, we can quickly respond and execute on special requests. 

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