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Democratic processes made easy

tecViz Congress is an advanced congress system used to manage the democratic process and formalities in annual meetings and congresses. The system includes tools for administering participants, and handles motions, votings, speaker lists, speaker’s time and protocols. Each delegate uses a tablet or computer to review documents, submit pleas, request the floor and vote. tecViz Congress ensures a smooth meeting process while replacing the tons of paper traditionally used.


Motion Handling

Before a general meeting or congress, a large number of motions may need to be administered. Those who have motion rights in an organization can log into tecViz Congress with Bank-ID or via the organization’s member page to write and submit their motions. The motion form can be custom designed and contain drop-down options, checkboxes, radio buttons and free text fields. The tool let delagates associate fellow motioners, edit the motions and finally submit. Incoming motions can be managed, sorted and commented at different stages by local, regional and central administrators who can all have separate profiles that control which motions they should have access to. All motions are collected in a structured manner with the possibility of creating PDF documents or printouts based on document templates that are designed according to the organization’s wishes.


Plea Submission and Speaker List

At the general meeting or congress, the participants log into tecViz Congress and can see the motions with their motion responses under the respective agenda item in the agenda. Depending on which rights each delegate has been assigned, they can now write claims on motions before debate. This can be done during the current agenda item or in advance on future agenda items. During the general meeting or congress, speaker lists are built up according to which the participants request the floor or write a request. tecViz Congress offers support for various speaking times, double list of speakers, replies, point of order and halting of the debate. During the debate, participants can comfortably follow the events on large screens or in their own technical device. It works just as well regardless of whether you are in a meeting room or participate remotely online.


Proposition order and Voting

After debate and collection of all requests, the chairman together with the presidium can create propositional arrangements in tecViz Congress before decisions. All decisions are recorded and, if necessary, comments can also be attached to the decisions. Usually, decisions are made by acclamation, but if necessary, decisions can be made by digital voting or by closed personal elections.

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Protocol generation

Since all handling from motion via debate to decision is handled digitally in tecViz Congress, everything is saved for the protocol. All data can be exported as CSV files or through customizable print templates. It is also possible to export different types of statistics.

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Power to support Event Interaction

tecViz Event offers interactive features such as live chat, questionnaires and polls, and can be used to ask questions to speakers, participate in quizzes, brainstorm ideas and much more. Participants’ input can be presented as word clouds, graphs, speech bubbles and tables, and brings to life discussions on interesting topics. tecViz Event also includes a menu function that can display the meeting agenda and content such as information about keynote speakers, exhibitions, maps, hotels and travel information.

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