Engineered for Success

You are in complete control with our incredible video technology systems. Everything you need to capture, control and broadcast video. From end-to-end 4K camera solutions to broadcast quality capture and edit capabilities, immersive and pre-visualisation technologies, offering interactive, real-time studio environments and virtual reality supported by robust show control systems, designed, and operated by our team of highly talented, experienced engineers. 


Media Servers

We have long been a leader in the field of media server technology, offering the latest, most advanced and continually evolving systems from the leading providers. From single-screen shows to massive projection mapping and every conceivable digital canvas, we have the flexibility, hardware and processing power to meet any requirement. Our skilled technicians work closely with you to ensure that your media is configured and displayed to your specific needs, maximising its power and minimising the risk of errors on site.


Production Systems & Cameras

We offer fully customisable video production systems that cater to the needs of any size performance. Our compact racks are designed to optimise the use of space, while our multi-format flypacks provide a wide array of engineering possibilities. Our camera inventory includes full specification studio systems and lenses as well as numerous innovative remote and miniature systems allowing us to achieve incredible shots from almost anywhereWhether it’s for broadcast, live streaming, or capture and record, our engineering team has the tools to deliver top-notch production in any setting   


Custom Design and Engineering

Our highly experienced project engineers excel at designing and engineering one-of-a-kind systems and structures allowing the most creative application of both capture equipment and displays in the show environment. 


Record and Playback Systems

Stay ahead of the curve with our advanced record and playback technologies. Our record systems are designed to capture every moment of your event and play it back instantly. We offer a wide range of playback options, from simple looping media players to multi-screen playback packages, many based around our core, custom-built hardware platforms.   



From small keynote presentations to expansive broadcast graphics systems, we’ve got you covered. Our graphics systems include all of the well-known third-party solutions plus several purpose designed in house packages built specifically for corporate and sporting event graphics creation and delivery. Plus, with a focus on consistency, security, and scalability, our common hardware platforms ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you can trust in the quality of our services. Let us help you take your events to the next level with our innovative media solutions. 

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