A massive thank you to Systems Integration at Lillehammer!

  • Systems Integration
8 September, 2022
Creative Technology strives to convey how important all our colleagues in all departments are.

It’s not only important that everyone knows how appreciated they are internally, we also want to show off our fantastic employees externally as well.

And that’s what this is – a chance to show off the hard working, happy, and most importantly, extraordinarily important people at out department at Lillehammer.

CT’s department for System Integration at Lillehammer is the hub of all our buisness aimed at fixed installations. Here there is over 30 permanent employees, and these hard workers carry out dozens of large and small projects every year. Museums, theatres and cultural centres, hotels and conference centres, multi-purpose and sports halls, educational institutions and others demand this department’s expertise and solutions, and our skilled people deliver these to satisfied clients.

In the production premises at Lillehammer you will find workshops for electronics and precision mechanics, a mechanical department including stage and lifting mechanics, a department for storage and distribution, testing and assembly of products and control cabinets, a parts warehouse for components and a logistics department.

Here, in-house developed parts and own components are produced to order for light installations, in addition to cables and multi-cables both for our own projects, for sale and for use by our own rental department. Racks are completed with components which are then programmed, tested, checked and sent out to various locations throughout Norway. This is resource- and time efficient for us, but most importantly, for the end customer.

We are also proud to be able to say that our department in Lillehammer was awarded the peer recognition award for Q2 by the NEP Group for its ability to secure and implement projects in a very demanding time, with both scarcity of materials and major delays related to transport and delivery of certain products from our international suppliers.

In addition to the wonderful work this department does, it is also worth mentioning how nice it is to come to Lillehammer and meet the happy, talented people who work here. It’s clear to see that these people love what they do and take pride in their work – and so do we.

Many thanks to Systems Integration at Lillehammer, you guys are absolutely brilliant!