Cutting-Edge Technology in Medical Education:'The Oculoplastics' Congress in Barcelona

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30 May, 2024
In the field of medical education, technology plays a crucial role in enabling the sharing of knowledge and experiences among healthcare professionals worldwide.

Recently, at the ‘The Oculoplastics’ congress held in Barcelona, audiovisual technology took center stage, facilitating a rich exchange of ideas and surgical techniques among more than 400 oculoplastic specialists from 47 different countries.

During this event, oculoplastic surgeons performed live operations, providing attendees with the opportunity to witness cutting-edge surgical procedures in real-time. Additionally, experts from various specialties shared valuable insights and surgical tips, further enriching the educational experience for participants.

The innovative technology used not only facilitated the detailed observation of surgical techniques but also encouraged active dialogue among healthcare professionals, thus contributing to an educational experience for all involved.

One of the highlights in image capture during surgery was the use of 8K resolution cameras along with ultra-macro optics. This allowed for a detailed appreciation of microsurgery. Furthermore, as a trial, Dr. Medel employed virtual reality technology during an endoscopic surgery, showcasing what the near future in the medical field might look like.

Creative Technology provided full technical support through equipment and professionals during the two days of the congress, supporting the training of current and future healthcare professionals.