Nordisk Film Shortcut and Creative Technology create the first full led stage in the Nordics

  • Systems Integration
1 October, 2022
The future in film production is now moving into the heart of Nordisk Film, where the very first full 360° LED stage in the Nordics will be built. This will provide film and series makers with endless opportunities to tell great stories in a flexible, sustainable and cost-effective way. Creative Technology proudly support Nordisk Film in their cutting-edge undertaking.

By investing in a full 360° LED stage, leading Nordic entertainment company Nordisk Film is taking a giant technological stride that will give film and TV makers brand new creative opportunities to tell world-class stories.

Its VFX and post-production company Nordisk Film ShortCut will now, together with Creative Technology, begin the construction of the Nordic’s very first full 360° LED stage in the heart of Nordisk Film’s historic headquarters in the Valby district of Copenhagen. 16 metres in diameter the stage’s walls and ceilings will be totally covered with LED screens 360° around. This will make it possible to shoot actors, sets and props against vivid, photorealistic, virtual backdrops – everything from alien planets and fantasy worlds to underwater locations, vast deserts, and vibrant cities.

– Nordisk Film ShortCut aims to be at the forefront when it comes to providing the latest technological options. Virtual Production, which blends digital virtual worlds with on-set footage, will be an important tool for the film and TV industry. We are witnessing demand from global streaming services, which have brought big-budget genre productions to the Nordic region in recent years, and there is a general desire in the local film and TV production community to push the boundaries in terms of what is technologically and creatively possible, said Rikke Crosby, CEO of Nordisk Film ShortCut, adding:

– Nordisk Film ShortCut has spent the past five to ten years creating a variety of stunning worlds and visual effects for films and series, for example, for Netflix. That means we have acquired in-depth knowledge of VFX work and Virtual Production. We understand the possibilities a LED scene provides and how it can be used creatively, and we can serve as a strong sounding board and advisor for ambitious production companies and filmmakers.

Driven by the global boom in high quality series, Virtual Production has really taken off around the world. This has led to high demand for flexible, time-saving LED stages that offer endless possibilities.

– LED technology is now so advanced, and with our full 360° lighting setup we will be able to reproduce complex scenarios in a totally lifelike way with perfect reflections and naturalistic lighting. Film production will be more cost-effective and sustainable, because there is no need to transport large film crews around the world to shoot on location. In the course of one workday, you can shoot scenes that are taking place in many different places and countries. You can also completely control the light, so you can shoot a sunrise scene for eight hours in a row, Martin Madsen, Senior VFX Supervisor at Nordisk Film ShortCut, explained.

– Over the past few years, we’ve been devising content for virtual backdrops and planning and executing the often complex shoots where there is a need for close interplay between live action and virtual content. Now we’re ready to push the boundaries in terms of what the Nordic region can do. I am convinced that with the Nordic’s first full LED stage, we will have films and series that can fully hold their own vis-à-vis the biggest international productions, Martin Madsen added.

The new LED stage is being designed in collaboration with Creative Technology, part of NEP Live Events, a leading AV technology company. Creative Technology and NEP Group have built some of the largest LED stages in the world and have extensive expertise in Virtual Production. Construction will take approximately four months, so the LED stage is expected to be ready for the first productions by August. In addition to film and TV production, the LED stage will also be used for commercials, music videos, product launches, live events – you name it.

– We’re very excited about working with Nordisk Film ShortCut on the design and construction of the Nordic’s very first full 360° LED stage in Copenhagen. This is a visionary, state-of-the-art, international-level project that will be on a par with the best LED stages in the world, said Niclas Ljung, CTO Creative Technology Northern Europe.