As an integrator specialising in the delivery of world-class audio, video, lighting, control systems, acoustic enhancement, stage machinery, media content and interior build solutions, our clients have a trusted partner that understands the complexities of interfacing the physical with the technical and the creative.  



Delivering cohesive, consistent audio requires careful and knowledgeable planning. We understand how sound performs in every type of environment, so we can deliver the best audio quality with rock-solid reliability for any design. We create bespoke modelling schematics for every project –considering environmental, external and architectural considerations.  



Bring your content and messaging to life with our state-of-the-art video technology. Our team is known worldwide for our ability to deliver, capture and manage video content with absolute control. From cameras to production systems, trust that your next project will have the best-in-class technology you deserve.  



Creative lighting can reinvent and enhance any space. From moving lights that energise a live performance to beams that enhance architectural features. Our wide range of lighting systems are engineered to install and perform flawlessly to provide engaging, unforgettable, and interactive experiences.  


Network & Control

Using the latest technology from leading brands and industry best practices, Creative Technology has delivered multiple immersive, memorable, and interactive experiences worldwide. We deliver simple, intuitive interfaces for advanced integrated systems controlling and scheduling all devices or meeting room systems.  


Acoustic Enhancement Systems

Acoustic Enhancement Systems (AES) enable a venue to adapt to various performance types, improve listening quality and add a sense of acoustic space without needing substantial architectural changes. We design, engineer, and install AES in various venues worldwide, delivering quality sound for both attendees and performers.  


Stage Machinery Systems

We can design, manufacture, and deliver bespoke stage machinery systems for large and small venues, concert halls, theatres, multi-purpose venues and auditoriums. This includes fully-fledged systems-controlled hoists and fly bars to stage lifts, revolving stages, self-supporting systems and more.  


Interior Build

As part of our full-service approach, we can build and provide bespoke interiors for various venues and attractions. Our highly skilled professionals have experience in working with a vast range of materials across multiple disciplines such as exhibition fit out and joinery, display cases and bespoke items to operating desks for stage machinery, flight cases for storage, transport and more.  


Creative Services

Our specialist creative teams provide a tailor-made video production and content creation service, which offers clients the full range of production services from the initial brief and all-important pre-production stage right through to full production management, post-production and content delivery at very competitive rates, with on-going client support every step of the way.  

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