Creative Technology is Logomo’s Event Technology Partner

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13 December, 2022
Creative Technology Finland has a strong presence at the event venue Logomo, but can also be seen elsewhere in the city of Turku.

The Declaration of Christmas Peace, the opening of the new market square, music festival Ruisrock’s beach stage – here are some of CT’s impressive projects in Turku.

There are three CT offices in Finland, in Vantaa, Tampere and Turku. A team of six regular employees and about 15 freelancers works in the Turku region. Project manager Hannes Hietarinta and the rest of the team are based in Logomo, with which the cooperation works smoothly every day.

“In the Turku region, Logomo plays a significant role in the event scene. The building’s numerous and adaptable spaces and technical solutions guarantee a successful event for both corporate and entertainment clients. I have worked at Logomo in various roles since its founding,” says Hietarinta.

The cooperation with Logomo started already in 2011 in connection with Turku’s Capital of Culture -year. The start of the cooperation was a natural continuation of the long cooperation with the city of Turku.

Logomo is completely unique as an event venue. In its space planning, the logistical solutions that take place inside the house have also been taken into account. For example, our warehouse is located in the middle of the building, which enables a quick reaction to rapidly changing situations.”, Hietarinta describes.

Fantastic working conditions for technicians

The working conditions in Logomo could be described as top notch in Finland. The house is relatively new and full of new technology, which is constantly maintained by CT’s technical staff.

“Working at Logomo is great and it’s meaningful to work here when there are many opportunities to influence things. The space lives all the time, it keeps the work interesting. We want to deliver every event with the best possible quality,” says Hietarinta.

The building’s sound system was updated in 2021, and d&b audiotechnik‘s KSL loudspeaker system was selected for the Logomo hall. Hietarinta describes the system as “insanely good”.

“A concert plays at the back of the hall just as it does in the front, and the speech is repeated evenly throughout the hall. This all makes the work of our technicians easier and gives extra value to the house,” Hietarinta exclaims.

This is the only KSL series sound system installed indoors in Finland. The CT team is well experienced with d&b’s products, as the company owns sound and speaker systems of the same brand, so scaling is easy. Maintenance reliability is also top notch; if something breaks, technicians can react quickly.

When choosing the system, the most important criterion was the system’s versatility. It had to serve all Logomo’s customers equally, from corporate events to concerts and TV productions.

“Presence is a big asset”

Logomo’s sales manager Henna Kakko agrees with Hietarinta. The crowning glory of the union between Logomo and Creative Technology is that CT is a reliable partner and perfectly meets the house’s needs.

“It’s a big asset that we’re close to each other. If you need to discuss about an offer or a confirmed production, it’s easy to go through things. CT also sees what’s happening here all the time, and is able to offer its own development proposals. Presence is a big asset,” says Henna Kakko.

Sometimes there may be unexpected needs just before the start of the event. When the warehouse is in the same building, missing screens or mics are taken care of in ten minutes.

“We can react fast to the customers’ wishes together. Speed plays a big role in this industry,” says Kakko.

CT is one of the world’s largest event technology operators and thus a pioneer in Finland in terms of both personnel and technical equipment.

“I feel proud of how much the industry has developed in the last ten years and CT has played a big role in building it. We have invested a lot in the quality of the equipment, the best operators in the field and work safety,” says Hannes.

“Logomo’s big and showy TV productions are a visible part of what we do, where we can be experimental and creative. In addition to these, we annually organize a huge number of corporate events of various sizes, where our professionalism and reliability are emphasized even more.”

Kakko says that in the future, Logomo will be investing even more heavily in corporate events:

“There are already many corporate events held here, but we would like even more different types of business events.”

Kakko describes CT as an ideal partner.

“We share a common world of values and aim for the same level of quality, so it makes things easier. A really big plus is that they are extremely pleasant people who are a pleasure to work with,” Kakko sums up.

Logomo’s winter is full of events that run in cycles framed by TV productions. The end of the year is the time of various Christmas parties, concerts and the beginning of the year has a few big TV productions. In addition to the large Logomo hall, there are more than ten smaller halls in the building. Often many events are going on at the same time in Logomo.

Elsewhere in Turku, CT mainly works with business and entertainment events. Hietarinta sums up: CT created projection art for the opening of the new market square and delivered technology to an outdoor concert of the Turku Symphony Orchestra. In the Ruisrock music festival, CT traditionally handles technology of the legendary “beach stage”. The next production, which has already become a tradition, is The Declaration of Christmas Peace.


Photos: Janne Saarinen