Successful Cooperation Is Based On Trust

  • Live Events
24 April, 2024

Creative Technology and NOSTE Productions collaborate to ensure the success of their clients’ events. A successful corporate event is based on trust, built through working together. We spoke with Johanna Saarinen, the Managing Director of NOSTE Productions, about her experiences working with CT.

What does the event agency NOSTE do?

When organising events, clients often use the experience and expertise of event professionals. For instance, an organiser of a scientific conference or a corporate event is not expected to be an expert in selecting venues, technology, performers, or catering services. Therefore, it pays off to trust the task to an event management agency. The organiser saves time, effort, and quite often money.

NOSTE produces various corporate events, such as personnel and stakeholder events, seminars, gala dinners, scientific congresses, and trade show stands. The client gets help in producing smaller parts of the event (such as technology, venue, catering, decoration, or performers) or by producing the event on a turnkey basis, leaving the client with nothing to do but show up.

Regarding event technology, it is a common custom in the industry to request quotes from various service providers. When putting together the quotation, the event technology is planned in cooperation based on the event’s needs, budget, and venue. When choosing an event technology partner, the quality and price of the partner are crucial, but previous experiences and trust also play a decisive role. It is people who make events, and therefore, collaboration must go smoothly. An experienced partner sees the event as a whole, where different actors help each other succeed.

NOSTE often chooses Creative Technology as a technology partner due to their smooth collaboration and guaranteed quality, Johanna says, whether it concerns technical execution or staff expertise.

What role does event technology play in creating events?

From the producer’s perspective, technology plays a significant role in making events. For example, if the technology fails at a seminar for 500 people and there is a wait for sound or image, it dampens the atmosphere and delays the schedule. When you can rely on technology and skilled professionals, neither the producer nor the client needs to stress about things going smoothly. There’s no need to make excuses or oversee the work. Ultimately, the event agency is responsible for ensuring things go as planned for the client.

Often, event venues, such as hotels, already have sound and video technology available. However, Johanna almost always recommends ordering technology separately. A little extra investment can prevent unpleasant issues and potentially a complete failure of the event.

According to Johanna, after the pandemic, there has been a return to face-to-face events, and for example, personnel events seek genuine encounters. However, digital solutions are more and more popular, as seen in the increasing use of event applications and QR codes at events. A speaker might also participate virtually from the other side of the world, and in such cases, technology and connections must work seamlessly.

What has been the greatest thing you have achieved together with Creative Technology?

“We have been able to create many great events together with the experts at CT. One recent event that comes to mind is the Raide-Jokeri project’s closing ceremony held at the Espoo Metro Arena for 700 participants. It was a closing celebration for those who worked on the project, featuring a sit-down dinner and performers.”

Success of the joint project was due to seamless collaboration between all parties from start to finish, Johanna praises. Everything worked well between the client, event agency, venue, catering, event technology, decorations, and performers. The atmosphere was genuine, festive, and relaxed, exactly what was sought. When things go smoothly, everyone enjoys working with the event.



Photos: Aki Rask