Creative Technology solutions to Finnish National Theatre's stages

  • Live Events
7 September, 2022
Already founded in 1872, the Finnish National Theatre has been offering the newest drama, the most interesting foreign plays and the best classics for over 150 years. As a partner of the theatre, Creative Technology is strongly involved in performances where video, audio and light technology is used to bring out new dimensions.

Video projections are used to create spectacular props and image surfaces, light and sound technology are used to increase the audiovisual experience. In this way, the theatre and music experience grows into a comprehensive entity that leaves a strong memory to the audience. Building unforgettable cultural experiences on behalf of technology is made possible by the best professionals in event technology and the latest equipment.

Finnish National Theatre has been successfully cooperating with Creative Technology Finland for years on video technical solutions and systems. This cooperation has enabled long-term, high-quality development work in the video productions of the theatre.

The Finnish National Theatre is Finland’s largest artistic theatre and, thanks to the cooperation, also a pioneer in the integration of video and image design into top-level performance art pieces. Now the cooperation extended to the lighting equipment has also shown that the same successful concept can be used with other technical departments as well.

The cooperation with CT has brought the latest technology to the stage lighting system of the theatre’s main stage, as well as enabled work-specific technical solutions that would not have been possible without the cooperation. I see a lot of opportunities in the cooperation in the future as well, and I hope for long-term, continuous and developing cooperation with our partner.”

– Kalle Ropponen, Head Of Lighting, Sound And Video Department, Finnish National Theatre

This fall, The Finnish National Theatre’s repertoire includes an updated adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the theatre’s 150th anniversary play The First Republic, adventure-filled Ronja, ryövärintytär, and many more. Find out more about the autumn program here.