Why you should invest in event technology for your corporate events?

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11 October, 2023
Corporate events have widely returned to the pre-pandemic era. Organizations have a strong desire to meet face-to-face, which has led to more and more live productions of various corporate events, launches, annual general meetings, seminars and conferences. Has anything changed? We at CT collected some tips for a successful corporate event.
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Back to what corporate events were before?

During the pandemic, there was a significant digital leap in corporate events. For example, large annual general meetings could be held remotely, which increased the use of various digital tools. Some companies learned to take advantage of those tools’ benefits, such as organizing events like webinars, regardless of the geographical location of participants and presenters.

After the pandemic, some companies incorporated digital tools into live events, enabling interactions between in-person and online audiences. On the other hand, a significant portion of companies completely returned to live events and leveraged the opportunities of physical presence in the same way as before the pandemic. Event technology has made significant advancements in recent years, and these improvements are now actively being utilized.

A positive impact can be achieved when everything works

Whether the event is live, hybrid, or entirely virtual, meeting and event technology plays a critical role in the success of an event. For example, effective event technology in shareholder meetings promotes democratic participation by ensuring that voting, discussions, and presentation technology work equally well for all.

Event technology can bring presenters closer to participants, for example through screens and video transmission. In addition, high-quality event technology enhances the positive emotional impact on attendees. An event is considered successful when participants feel that it has provided value for their time.

Event technology serves participants, performers, and organizers

Effective event technology benefits all parties involved in the event. That is why organizers should pay special attention to it.

  • The audience has a positive experience and engages through sound and visuals.
  • Performers can focus on their presentations without worrying about technical details.
  • Organizers can have peace of mind knowing that the production runs smoothly.

A good event technology partner knows how to consider all the above-mentioned parties and can quickly and skillfully address any challenges. At CT, we want to ensure that event organizers can focus on their job without technical worries.

Successful shareholder meetings with event technology

Annual shareholder meetings are a regular series of events each spring. In these important meetings, technology should serve the agenda in a highly tailored manner. It’s crucial for the technology to support the meeting’s objectives effectively.

Making proceedings visible to everyone, ensuring the audibility of the board’s comments, and capturing audience questions with cameras are just some of the technical aspects that need to work seamlessly for the meeting’s success, both in the eyes of the attendees as well as corporate law.

Therefore, special attention should be given to the technology. All shareholders must feel equal in the meeting and must have the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Why co-operate with Creative Technology?

Creative Technology has made significant investments in its hardware recently. Simultaneously, CT is investing in the expertise of its staff and their well-being. This is particularly important when it comes to generating new ideas, finding quick solutions, and maintaining a can-do attitude. In this way, we can offer our customers top-notch industry expertise and the best equipment. All this helps in executing successful events with the confidence that decades of experience bring.

As a global player, CT offers the same services both in Finland and globally. With our offices located in different countries, we can efficiently serve both domestic and international customers worldwide, in a responsible and time-saving manner. In Finland we operate around the country and our offices are located in Vantaa, Tampere and Turku.

Whether it’s a small or large event, at Creative Technology we turn creative ideas into reality.


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