Internship at Creative Technology Finland

  • CT Team
19 April, 2022
Three years ago we launched an internship program, through which we can offer future creators the opportunity to develop their own skills and get to know the event industry under the guidance of professionals. During these three years our teams have been strengthened by many young talents, such as Maija, Roosa and Emmiina, who started as interns this spring.

Maija, Sound Technology

Maija started her internship in the sound technology department in January 2022. In her opinion, the best thing about the internship has been to meet many professionals who have accumulated tips and experiences on working methods and practices in the field.

“My career in the event industry began in 2016 as a helping hand at festivals as well as other major events. After high school, I spent one year as an AV technician at Tampere Hall, after which I was selected to Metropolia’s Event and Theatre Technology Bachelor’s Degree program. I applied here for an internship, as I had already done some jobs as a freelancer and felt the company was a good place for an internship. 

During my internship, I have been able to do a variety of work in the warehouse, such as packing and shelving gigs, cleaning and maintenance procedures, and building equipment racks. In addition, in events I have done miking, audio mixing, and in some smaller events I have worked independently from the equipment list planning to mixing of the event. During the internship I have learned for example problem solving skills. Everything can be figured out by asking and discussing with co-workers and at the same time you can learn something new.”


Roosa, Marketing

Roosa’s internship in marketing began in the spring and will continue well into the summer. She thought the timing for this kind of internship was perfect, as music festivals and other big events during the summer are among her biggest passions.

“I knew an internship in a large global company in the event industry was right for me, because I needed a professional perspective on different marketing tasks. I have already learned many new things, such as different roles in the event industry and working methods. I have also been able to develop my photo editing and photography skills. Here I know I am in good hands and learning from the best professionals in the industry.

In addition to event days, one of the absolute best aspects of the work is that I get to innovate and create content to the company’s communication channels. At the same time, it brings a bit of a challenge as well as developing problem-solving skills, even though I know help is always available.

My enthusiasm for the industry sparked a couple of years ago when I attended a lot of dance music events. I got so excited about them that I even got involved as an organizer myself. There I work mainly in marketing and in the role of promoter manager, but on event days I help wherever I can. It has become my dear hobby. “

Emmiina, Light Technology

Emmiina, an intern in the lighting department, became interested of the internship at Creative Technology in order to learn about event technology from talented professionals and to expand her network. Her first experiences working in the field are from roadie jobs, among other things.

“I have also gained experience from a vocational school and university, where I have been able to plan and implement the technical side. The company was also familiar to me from my vocational school time, when I did my internship at Bright (now Creative Technology).

At CT’s warehouse in Vantaa, my job has included preparing, packing and shelving. In events, I have worked with the light team and as a tracking projector operator. Every day has been different, which I think is one of the best things of the internship. The most amazing thing has been to get to work again after the covid restrictions. Also it has been amazing to learn so many new things and getting to know new people.”