Flow Festival 2022

The long-awaited Flow Festival took over Helsinki’s Suvilahti, a former power plant area, on 12-14th of August. Flow has earned its place among Europe’s most significant music and art festivals, offering music from 150 artists and bands in a mesmerizing festival atmosphere. We were once again honored to be Flow’s technology partner, like we have been since the beginning of Flow from 2004.

In terms of technical requirements, the technical production of the event requires true professionalism and expertise of event technology. Up to 80 of our event technology professionals worked at Flow in different positions, e.g. in sound, light and video technology. The project requires precise scheduling, careful organization of equipment and human resources, knowledge of the event area and years of experience in different areas of technology.

This year our work included technical production of the main stage, the technology and support structure of the Balloon 360°, the sound technology of the Resident Advisor Front Yard, Backyard and Champagne Bar & Lounge, as well as the video and sound technology of Adel Abidin’s video installation “Musical Manifest” at Circo. In addition to qualified technical staff, all of this is made possible with the best equipment, which we delivered to the festival area 12 truckloads of – e.g. 335 speakers, 1560 LED tiles, 394 lighting fixtures. The technical design of the main stage was also part of our job.

The 57 metres wide and 8,4 metres high curved LED background of the grandiose Main Stage, located in the middle of the festival area, contained a total of 1392 ROE LED tiles. In order for the main stage to be built safely, on schedule and in accordance with the requirements, up to 60 technicians were involved in the three-day construction of the main stage. Balloon 360° offers an immersive 360-degree audiovisual experience for festival guests. Born as a result of an international architecture competition, the stage is one of Flow’s best-known landmarks.

In addition to the top-notch artist lineup and the unique festival environment, Flow is also a pioneer in the field of work safety of festivals. Examples include precise contract limits, risk assessments on the site, site protocols, work machine permits and control of the use of machines and precise familiarization for everyone working in the area. In addition, the event strives for the smallest possible carbon footprint and environmental friendliness.

Hannu Makkonen, CT’s project manager, comments on the successful project:

“When small things are skillfully put together, they form a memorable and unique entity, and that’s what Flow is all about. The right equipment and our biggest strength, professional staff, is a combination that enables a high-quality experience for the performers and great concerts for the audience to enjoy.”

A huge thank you to our own and Flow Festival’s teams for the fantastic festival weekend!


Photo credit: Kiril Kainulainen, Konstantin Kondrukhov, Jussi Hellsten

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