PRO-Gaala 2022

Awards were given to the best professionals of the restaurant and hospitality industry at PRO-gala, that was celebrated already for 20th time in April. After the awards ceremony and a tasty fine dining dinner, surprise artist Stig really got the party started for 800 gala guests in the Helsinki Fair Centre. We were glad to take care of the technical and visual planning and implementation of the event once again. The technical staff included up to 30 technical professionals.

The visual look of the event was made by our visual design unit Visual45, that was responsible for the content on the LED screens and other projections. Visual45’s team aimed to create a modern look using new fresh colors for the event.

In addition to the W-shaped ROE MC9H LED wall on the main stage, ROE Black Pearl LED were used at the hem of the catwalk end. The five-meter-wide IMAG screens provided excellent visibility for all gala guests. The design patterns projected on the walls matched with the festive look perfectly. Also, the audio system designed according to the space and stages created a wonderful sound in the hall with about 90 speakers. Intercom stations enabled smooth communication between our technical team.

Jetti Loimula, our project manager at Creative Technology Finland, comments on the successful project:

“Overall, the event was a great success. We stayed well on schedule, and it was positive that the construction days did not stretch long, thanks to our efficient team. Near the time of the event, a decision was made to make the space more intimate by modifying the event area. This was reflected in the technical design overhaul, but the big lines in the design remained the same.

We had a great crew in designing, building and drawing. The content produced by Visual45 got a lot of great feedback. Most importantly, the customer was satisfied with the co-operation and the event.”

Nina Harlin, Director, Media Sales, Events & Partnerships, Omnipress Oy:

“Our partners CT and Visual45 are skilled, flexible and reliable year after year. These professionals have the skills to create the right atmosphere to the venue and do it without making a fuss about themselves. It’s amazing how fast the event space was skillfully built into a festive gala venue.”

We want to thank our client Omnipress Oy for the project and our long-lasting co-operation!


Photos: Aki Rask

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