The Finnish National Opera and Ballet Arena Tour

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet took over arenas around Finland with their massive tour including a total of 270 crew members.

CT was happy to be involved in the unique arena tour by supplying cutting edge lighting, rigging, audio and camera technology with a team of nine event technology professionals.

Achieving an impressive sound experience was very important part of the success of the shows. CT delivered the main speaker system, as well as some of the monitor speakers,  using the latest sound technology in the industry. The rest of the sound equipment was supplied by the National Opera itself, including d&b Soundscape DS100 systems. Tero Hölttä from Overture Audio Oy worked as a consultant for the Soundscape system.

The sound system of the tour was built around the brand-new d&b audiotechnik XSL speaker set. Instead of a traditional two-speaker group stereo implementation the client wanted to invest in d&b’s immersive Soundscape system, which allows the sound of the performers and instruments to be placed according to their physical location on the stage.

The speaker system had five main speaker groups, each with seven d&b XSL speakers. Eight d&b Y10P speakers served as front speakers, and in addition two d&b SL-sub speakers strengthened the bass. The stage had its own Soundscape system for the performers, with a total of 12 point source speakers, which were used to create an opera house-like listening environment.

Thank you for the seamless cooperation Finnish National Opera and Ballet!


Photos: Emma Suominen / The Finnish National Opera and Ballet

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