Carnival of Light (Valokarnevaali)

The annual Carnival of Light (Valokarnevaali) brought a magical atmosphere to Helsinki’s legendary amusement park. Creative Technology was responsible for the technical implementation of the lights commissioned by our client Visual Monkeys, who designed the wonderful visual look of the carnival. Sparkling amusement park rides and other illuminated attractions delighted the visitors for ten days in the darkening autumn evenings. The stunning light carnival was a result of a successful cooperation with the professionals from Visual Monkeys and Linnanmäki.

“The goal of Linnanmäki’s Carnival of Light 2022 was to bring joy and color to the middle of gray everyday life, in the darkest time of autumn. A colorful carnival atmosphere, where people and happiness are at the center of the event. The visual appearance of the carnival was created by Visual Monkeys’ Mikko Enäkoski and Miika Ridanpää.

In order for the visual look and atmosphere to be perfectly executed, we needed a professional and reliable technology partner who implemented the details according to our wishes and with whom the necessary solutions were easily found. This cooperation resulted in a great whole. Special thanks to CT’s project manager Hannu Makkonen for the smooth cooperation.”

– Miika Ridanpää, Designer, Visual Monkeys

A large amount of the best lighting equipment was used in the event; 15 different fixture types, about 500 lighting fixtures in total from lighting manufacturers such as Ayrton and SGM. A team of 25 technical professionals from Creative Technology were involved in installing and operating the lights.

The positioning of different lighting types was planned according to the size and location of the illuminated amusement park ride or other object so, that the most powerful lights could be focused to high surfaces, and lights with the widest lenses were prioritized for lighting closer to the object. A comprehensive core signal network with fiber and cat6 cable was implemented together with Linnanmäki’s technical staff. Jesse Boginski, Linnanmäki’s project manager, commented on the successful collaboration:

“A magnificently executed event, which did not lack blaze of color. The construction schedule of the event was quite challenging, but with well-executed planning and organizing of work, a wonderful final result was completed on schedule. Really competent staff, who were easy to work with.”

Thank you Visual Monkeys, Linnanmäki and our own technical staff for the amazing project!


Photos: Janne Saarinen

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