Seamless warehouse operations enable successful projects

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1 April, 2023
Creative Technology has significant event technology warehouses around the world. These warehouses employ a wide range of professionals, such as repair technicians, warehouse managers and drivers. The event productions we work with require the input of employees from many different technical departments, and the warehouse team is one essential part of a successful project.

At the service department of CT Finland’s Vantaa warehouse, works two to five people every day. The department is an electrical equipment service registered in the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and complies with the applicable safety regulations. The facilities have been built with repair services in mind and the employees have been trained for fixing the equipment, e.g. in the trainings of product manufacturers. The department also carries out repair services for clients outside the company, and is e.g. certified Barco and Epson projector service point.

“The equipment leaving the service department needs to be safe and reliable to use for our technicians. We don’t have to reserve as much spare equipment for events, when you can trust that the device will work.

Service department employees are responsible for all maintenance and repair activities of the equipment in use. Depending on the work situation, the aim is also to perform preventive maintenance, so-called maintenance service.

In addition, we manufacture special cables and other things that are not available from the store. We take care of all the tools we need, spare parts and other supplies as well as any training needs. Here our technicians receive assistance in issues related to the use and features of the equipment, if necessary.”

– Juha Palin, Service Manager


The size of Vantaa’s warehouse and staff have increased significantly with the CT acquisition. The additional space allows more internal equipment rental from other locations. For example, there are 1240 usable moving lighting fixtures and up to 2859 usable conventional fixtures at the Vantaa warehouse.

Markku Myllymäki works in the lighting department at CT Finland. He assists lighting technicians and project managers with all lighting technology issues, visits event venues and plans the needed equipment for productions.

“The development of the warehouse with the rest of the warehouse team is a part of my job. For example, the warehouse shelving planning is done by me. Also the general maintenance and design of the lighting department is one of my responsibilities. Among other things, I plan maintenance weeks for equipment, which means that a large number of equipment will be taken out with a larger group and annual maintenance will be carried out.

During busy times, several dozen people work in the warehouse, so everyone has to work together for a common goal. Smooth cooperation with everyone who works here is extremely important. With good cooperation, you can get things done quickly and efficiently, even in hectic times, without forgetting safety.

What makes our work challenging sometimes is when there is little technology left in stock. The remaining technology should then be adapted directly from one gig to another and make everything fit in both schedules. And if a device happens to be broken, you have to hurry to look for a replacement product, which may still be at the third gig. The best part, though, is that no working day is the same. It keeps the work interesting!”

– Markku Myllymäki, Tech Support – Lighting



Photos: Janne Saarinen

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