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6 March, 2024
Improving our audio excellence...

Earlier this year, we hosted an enriching internal training event at our CT Ireland offices, in collaboration with D&B Audiotechnik. This exclusive session was aimed at both our full-time and freelance staff, ensuring everyone is up to speed with their latest audio technology. 

Who Attended? 

We had an amazing turnout with 14 attendees each day, absorbing knowledge from D&B Audiotechnik’s Lucy Jenkins and Adam Broom. Hosted by our very own John Gale. 


What Happened? 

– Day 1: Kicked off with an Electroacoustics seminar, diving into the technical depths of sound. The day progressed with hands-on rigging training in our warehouse, where participants got to experience flying our D&B T10 and Y Systems first-hand. 

– Day 2: Focused on Software System Fundamentals, covering everything from array calc software and design to R1 amplifier and network control. 

Why It Matters?

Over the past year, CT has proudly expanded our inventory to include D&B Audiotechnik’s premium PA solutions, marking a significant enhancement to our offerings for corporate events. These training days are a testament to our commitment to not just excellence, but also safety and innovation in audio solutions. 

Reflecting on success

The feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing our belief in the power of collaboration and continuous learning. We’re excited about the future and look forward to hosting more such events. 


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