Embracing Change: The Environmental and Educational Benefits of Content Clean-up

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21 March, 2024
Welcome to World Learning Content Clean-up Day, an initiative that resonates deeply with us here at Creative Technology Ireland

In the spirit of renewal and responsibility, today we reflect on the significant impact that outdated learning content has on both our educational progress and our environmental footprint. 

The Hidden Cost of Outdated Content

In an era where digital content is king, the shelf life of educational materials is shrinking rapidly. Statistics reveal that 67% of digital learning content becomes obsolete or irrelevant within just 3 years, contributing to what is now known as ‘digital clutter.’ This clutter not only undermines the effectiveness of learning strategies but also leads to increased energy consumption as servers worldwide work tirelessly to store this seldom-used data.  

The Ripple Effect on the Environment 

The environmental impact of maintaining this digital clutter is staggering. Data centres, tasked with storing vast amounts of outdated content, are energy-intensive facilities contributing significantly to global carbon emissions. By cleaning up old content, we can significantly reduce these emissions, moving towards a more sustainable future. 

According to studies mentioned by Stanford Magazine, “the energy cost of data transfer and storage can range from about 3.1 to 7 kWh per gigabyte. In comparison, saving and storing 100 gigabytes of data in the cloud per year could result in a carbon footprint of approximately 0.2 tons of CO2” 

These centres require large amounts of electricity, contributing to 2% of global carbon emissions. This large energy consumption is due to the constant operation and cooling requirements of data centres source: greenly 

Creative Technology’s Role in Content Revitalization 

This is where Creative Technology steps in. Our mission extends beyond providing technological solutions; we aim to foster a culture of sustainability and continuous learning. Our Creative Services Studio specializes in creating, updating and revitalizing outdated learning materials, turning them into engaging, efficient, and environmentally friendly resources. 

In collaboration with our partner, UbiCast, we offer innovative video platform solutions that not only enhance the learning experience but also prioritize ecological efficiency. These platforms are designed to ensure that learning content is not only more accessible and engaging but also aligned with sustainable practices. 

A perspective from the Field: Insights from UbiCast CEO, Jean-Marie Cognet

Jean-Marie Cognet, CEO of UbiCast, shares our vision for a sustainable future. Nowadays our digital activities are ruled by the need to create and publish more and more content. This definitely leads to infobesity. Learning is subject to it too.  

Pedagogical videos are the best way to deliver fundamental knowledge since learners can watch content whenever they want, wherever they are, as many times as needed. 

However, the video content impact is greater than almost any other way to deliver content when it comes to storage, bandwidth and energy considerations. 

At UbiCast, we truly believe that our customers can have sustainable strategies regarding pedagogical videos through content lifecycle policies and individual awareness. Do you really need to store a video that hasn’t been watched for over 2 years? Do we really need to keep learning content that is outdated because of new laws, and new practices?  Those are questions we regularly ask our customers to make a win-win move on storage costs and for the better of our planet. says Cognet.  


Join Us in Making a Difference 

As we commemorate World Learning Content Clean-up Day, let’s pledge to reduce our digital and environmental footprint by updating and optimizing our learning materials. At Creative Technology, we are dedicated to this cause, providing services and solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and informed world. 

We invite you to get in touch with our team. We will assess your needs and help you journey towards more efficient, and sustainable video learning libraries. 

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