Creative Technology Transforms Dublin’s Digital Railway Bridge Displays

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Creative Technology Transforms Dublin’s Digital Railway Bridge Displays

Creative Technology Transforms Dublin's Digital Railway Bridge Displays



With CIÉ looking to modernise their static advertising billboards, Creative Technology Systems Integration (CT SI) was contracted to deliver the design, supply, installation, commission and maintenance of 4 outdoor LED screens across four railway bridges in Dublin city and 1 indoor LED display inside Dublin’s Pearse railway station.

Challenges & Solutions

Potential Bridge Strikes: Due to the location of the displays, there is an increased risk of bridge strikes which can lead to LED modules breaking away from the cabinet and falling into the roadway. To reduce this risk, we proposed that a safety wire be looped through the handles of the LED modules at the rear of the cabinet and secured to the secondary metal frame.

Vibration tremors caused by trains: The harsh vibration tremors caused by passing trains posed a large threat to the safety of the displays and their LED modules. To combat this issue, CT installed a shock mount system to the bridges to reduce the vibration shocks and the wear and tear of the display over its lifetime.

Brightness: With the outdoor screens, there is a risk of content appearing faded and unreadable in full sunlight. To solve this issue, there is a system installed that detects ambient light and sends a signal to the LED controller, causing the brightness to be automatically adjusted to suit the time of day, sunlight and weather conditions etc. Absen outdoor LED displays come with a longer shade mask fitted to the LED modules which prevents sunlight hitting the LEDs directly.



The chosen LED Solution was the 4 panel, Absen ND4 plus. This came pre-assembled as a single unit, allowing the installation to be completed faster and more smoothly. The chosen location for the Indoor display was a red brick wall with a pillar running through the middle which did not have a flat surface to work on. Our solution to this was a steel sub-structure that provided a flat mounting surface for the display.

The Display was nine cabinets high and for cabinets wide, which we assembled into a single display and transported to site for installation as one unit. Multiple tests, including pull tests were performed on the wall before the installation to ensure the display would be safe, secure and fully supported by the wall.



The chosen LED Solution was the Absen XD6 & XD4 plus panels. These panels are waterproof and come with a built-in, automatic brightness adjustment system. 56 cabinets, split into rows of 28 helped us to achieve the desired display size with an overall dimension of 17,920 x 1,920mm. Although all four bridges are different design, Irish rail added a substructure to every bridge which provided a similar mounting surface across all four structures and helped us to avoid any interaction with the original bridge structure.

As the sites were busy city locations, none of the work could be carried out during normal working hours due to trains operating on the tracks and busy traffic on the roads. Instead, the works were carried out over four nights at each location between 12:30 & 04:30am.



CT has provided a 60-month warranty on the LED screens including labour and material costs for repairing any defective parts, fixings and workmanship from the date of the commissioning certificate. CT will manage the replacement of any defective parts on-site with approval and the correct permits in place for the replacements to take place. CT will also manage the shipment of the replacement to our warehouses in Dublin and then send to the agreed storage location.



CT agreed to provide two Biannual maintenance checks to each display where we will check if all cabling is intact, IP65 comms cabinets are intact and seal closure is safe, screen brightness is within the agreed and permitted parameters, IP65 cameras are clean and within the permitted range, media players are on the latest agreed software version with all security patch updates complete and the checking/cleaning/replacement of any faulty parts.

Customer Testimonial

Mel Kellegher, at CIÉ, shared CIÉs satisfaction with the result of the installation and while working with CT,

“The recent launch of our Digital Bridges marked a significant milestone of investment in the digitisation of the Iarnród Éireann advertising estate. This particular project presented many challenges in design & installation, from an engineering and logistics perspective. The supply and install were managed by our contractor, Creative Technology, with a high degree of expertise and professionalism right through to commissioning of the screens. The project has been a resounding success and we are delighted with the results.”

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