CT Delivers 350m+ Wide Projection onto UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO world heritage site
projection mapping
UNESCO world heritage site
Diriyah Gate is the birthplace of the Saudi Kingdom and was the original home of the Saudi Royal Family. Today it is a 19th century UNESCO World Heritage site which is set to attract thousands of tourists as part of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. His Majesty King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and HRH Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud launched the opening ceremony of Diriyah Gate with a visual spectacular show.

CT was called upon by our client Executive Visions (EVI) to deliver the technical implementation of the striking cinematic projection mapping on the historic site to tell the visual story of the kingdom’s history.

The ancient ruins ‘mud city’ of Diriyah has been restored over the years by the Saudi Royal Family, enabling it to be the centre stage for the production. CT provided 170 Panasonic RZ31 and 21k projectors span across the 350m+ wide projection canvas.

CT were tasked to ensure all visible surfaces across the 350m+ wide canvas was covered to enable content to run smoothly across six content zones.

Various site visits were carried out during the planning phase to strategically plan where the projectors would be located. This enabled CT to avoid any potential issues early.

As this was a UNESCO world heritage site, CT needed to carefully assess where the projector locations could be positioned. Working closely with the client EVI and the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA), CT ensured all locations were approved by the DGDA ahead of time.

CT was tasked to ensure the projectors were not visible or in line with the performance area. This was achieved through key planning and projection studies on site. CT had a total of 9 independent projector locations spread across the site, and any projector that was in view had a custom enclosure manufactured.

CT needed to cover a 350m+ wide projection canvas that had several uneven surfaces. All the projectors were strategically placed to eliminate any shadows and an 8 camera PTZ system was installed for full site coverage of every area. This was used for our engineers to assist with the lineup and also distributed around the site for client monitoring. A total of 5x SDI matrixes were used to distribute video signal to all locations around the site, totalling to over 380 independent 3G SDI feeds.

As it was such a large scale site, CT required three remote media server locations to eliminate large amounts of fibre runs. This was achieved by installing a fully redundant Riedel mediornet system and network ring to distribute media server control, content, multiviewer feeds and genlock around the site to each disguise server location.

CT were faced with many onsite weather challenges due to extreme rain on the days leading up to the show, but thankfully all departments and clients on-site pulled together to ensure the equipment was safe and ready for the event. CT had a team of 22 dedicated professionals working on this project for over a month, who overcame all anticipated challenges and delivered a show beyond our clients’ expectations.

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