Scotch Whisky Experience

Scotch Whisky Experience

The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh is a top visitor attraction which has been inspiring and educating people about the world-famous beverage for over 30 years.

To ensure an experience that continues to attract and engage visitors, the tour has received an exciting revamp for 2023. Creative Technology’s Systems Integration and Creative Services experts developed an end to end solution for the new immersive visitor attraction for The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh, inclusive of content creation and interactive development.


Visitors are transported to a peaceful Highland glen, leaving the bustle of Edinburgh’s vibrant Royal Mile behind them. Beautiful, immersive technology creates a tranquil introduction to the elements and ingredients that shape the spirit. This is “Origins”. Famous for our “four seasons in one day” visitors can discover the secret of how the landscape enriches the soft Scottish water and undulating barley fields turn from green to gold before the grains are harvested.

From the Origins we move to “The Art of Whisky Making”, where visitors will discover how single malt Scotch whisky is made. Mixing an enchanting kinetic sculpture with fascinating media, the distilling process can be seen from inside and out. The process is visualised in a way never seen before, embodying the art of whisky making.

The pure new spirit moves to “Maturation”. Seated inside the cask visitors will witness the charring, firing and filling, allowing for a unique and magical view of how the cask changes the character of the whisky as the years tick past.


Key Aspects

  • Immersive Audio Systems
  • Projection Mapping
  • Design Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Pre-visualisation
  • Audio and Video – Animation Production
  • Server and Show Control
  • AVH Integration & Media Content Production
  • AV Hardware Procurement – Audio, Video, Show Control
  • Coordination Engineering & Construction Issue CAD, Drawings & Documentation
  • Rack Build, Wiring and Installation
  • Commissioning & Testing
  • Show Control Programming
  • Training

The Details

In August 2023, the newly unveiled Scotch Whisky Experience embarked on a groundbreaking journey, uniting patrons with the very essence of Scotland and its cherished Scotch whisky. This ambitious endeavour comprised four immersive zones: Origins, Art of Whisky Making, Maturation, and Angels at Work. Creative Technology played a pivotal role in executing a seamless experiential vision.

Zone 1: Origins – Marrying Tradition and Technology

Origins, the gateway to this captivating journey, introduced visitors to the heart of Scotland’s culture and landscape. An immersive room employed 10,000 lumens 1 Chip DLP projectors with a unique blend of ultra-short throw and short throw lenses. These projectors masterfully illuminated all three walls and the floors, creating an enchanting canvas. Complementing the visual spectacle, a multi-soundscape unfolded through 5x full-range Renkus Heinz loudspeakers, sub bass and Powersoft amplification, weaving an intricate narrative. This integration of cutting-edge technology and centuries-old craftsmanship seamlessly immersed visitors in the Scotch whisky heritage.

Zone 2: Art of Whisky Making – Nature’s Alchemy

The Art of Whisky Making zone invites guests into the clandestine world of whisky production, where nature and nurture converged. The magic of the distillation process is brought to life, underscoring whisky’s deep-rooted connection to Scotland’s environment. The backdrop features a 5m x 3m Absen K1.9mm LED wall, dynamically synchronised with a kinetic ball structure and DMX lighting, symbolising grain and water particles changing colour in harmony with the content’s narrative. An evocative audio soundscape, powered by 5x full-range loudspeakers, sub bass and amplification, narrates the mesmerising tale of whisky’s birth.

Zone 3: Maturation – The Heart of Whisky Alchemy

Maturation ushers visitors into the enigmatic world of cask and chemistry, where the secrets of whisky’s aging process are unveiled. The room, ingeniously shaped like a barrel, showcases the ancient art of barrel-making and the transformative influence of fire and time. It is here that the fusion of Scottish whisky with global influences occurred, with the Spirit Guide elucidating the use of oak casks from around the world. A curved multi-blend projection, using 6 of Panasonic’s 10,000 lumens projectors with ultra short throw lens, ensures a seamless visual experience, while 6x full-range loudspeakers, sub bass and amplification delivering immersive audio.

Zone 4: Angels at Work – The Final Revelation

Angels at Work marks the culmination of the journey, transitioning visitors from the heart of the barrel to the exit walkway. The voice direction system guides the audio, emphasising the significance of time and storage in whisky making, underscoring the patience and anticipation endured by aging casks. Subtle ambience, featuring ticking clocks and bonded warehouse echoes, accompanies the heartfelt farewell from the Spirit Guide.

Integration Mastery: A Seamless Journey

All zones are meticulously interconnected using a networked system across lighting, audio, and video with a QSC show control system the core system bringing everything together. With dedicated guides leading visitors through each zone, the visitor experience follows a structured sequence, with button triggers signalling the guides through to the next zone and triggering content to start, doors to open, mics to turn on and audio to play. This integrated system ensures that lighting, video, and audio seamlessly merged to provide an uninterrupted, immersive experience. Timelines within the show control system guarantee a harmonious flow throughout the journey.

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Susan Morrison/Chief Executive of The Scotch Whisky Experience
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