Sound Success

Our in-house Audio team are passionate about sound quality, and dedicated to designing the best possible bespoke solutions suitable for every type of environment.

From PA Systems to control decks, microphones to communications, our team work tirelessly to ensure seamless sound experiences are provided for every setting.  


PA Systems

The correct design, alignment and choice of a PA system is crucial to deliver high quality and memorable audio experiences. Operating with a diverse range of systems from d&b to Sennheiser, Creative Technology Ireland have the system and the design capability to optimise the experience and aesthetics of any PA requirement in any environment or application. 


Immersive Environments

Experience the transformative power of immersive audio powered by industry leading spatial audio control systems and new developments in beam focusing audio technology. Creative Technology has become a world leader in directional and immersive audio solutions delivering an unparalleled acoustic experience for your audience. 



The best tools are of little use without the craftsmen that use them. Audio is a true convergence of art and science, our team of professionals have years of experience and are ready to guide you through every step of the process, from concept to reality, creating a seamless audio infrastructure and pitch perfect audio quality.  


System Design

Transform your event into an unforgettable auditory experience with our expert sound planning. We are masters at mapping and modelling the unique characteristics of any venue, using our extensive knowledge of sound performance and software tools to craft customised solutions that deliver top-notch audio quality discreetly and reliably. Our attention to detail extends beyond just the sound itself – we consider the surrounding environment, external factors, and even the architecture of the venue to create a truly immersive soundscape 


Control Packages

Experience scalable, seamless audio system configuration and management from our expert team who use our comprehensive collection of equipment. From mixing consoles and processors through radio microphones and in-ear monitors, to networking infrastructure and intercom systems, we have everything you need to achieve seamless, crystal-clear digital audio.  


Radio Mics and IEMs

Elevate your event to the next level with our top-of-the-line radio microphones and in-ear monitors. Our team of wireless audio specialists have access to industry-leading equipment allowing seamless and automated frequency management. We understand the intricacies of wireless system configuration, even in the most over-crowded wireless environments mid-show.  



Solid and reliable communications are fundamental to delivering a seamless and cohesive show experience. Our team of experienced professionals specialises in delivering scalable, wired, wireless, and IP based intercom systems that are tailored to your specific needs.  

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