Seeing Is Believing 

Bring your live events to life with our custom display and video technology solutions.

We provide LED walls, floors and creative design technologies built for indoor and outdoor use.

We also provide video projection options for any size canvas and server driven projection mapping solutions for your most artistic and imaginative projects. Along with countless creative possibilities involving custom visual displays and monitors of all sizes. 


Indoor LED

Enhance your event with stunning LED displays that capture the attention of your audience. As a pioneer in the world of LED displays, we are at the forefront of innovation and development.

We have an unparalleled range and volume of industry leading high resolution LED systems that offer versatility, flexibility, and high-end image processing. When it comes to LED screens, we are the experts you can trust to deliver exceptional results.


Outdoor LED

With more than 50,000 m2 of high-end outdoor LED inventory, we can justifiably claim to be a world leader in this rapidly expanding field.

Whether you need a conventional outdoor display for a sport or cultural event, massive, curved screens for the largest festival stage or a spectacular creative display for an opening ceremony or headline act, Creative Technology have the experts, the experience, and the equipment to deliver time and time again 


Creative LED

Push the boundaries of display design with our innovation. We are constantly innovating and expanding to create new and exciting ways to enhance the visual impact of displays at events.

Concave and convex curves, custom shapes, and kilometres of LED strips are just some of the myriads of stunning creative solutions we have and do deliver with customisable LED solutions.



Video projection may have given way to LED in many keynote corporate environments, but it remains the display tool of choice from breakouts to the most spectacular and complex mapping applications.

From the largest global landmarks to intricate seasonal displays in high end retail settings, we constantly push the boundaries of what can be done with projection on any scale. 


Flat Panel

Big displays may be the centrepiece of most stages, but in many venues and events across Ireland, conventional flat panel screens continue to play a crucial role in creating ambience and communicating content to audiences throughout a venue and or event location.   


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