Brilliant Lighting

Light is art and we approach event lighting as a fusion of engineering, technology, and creativity.

Our highly skilled technical team and our wide range of industry contacts will partner with your creative teams to enhance your vision using only the latest lighting technologies managed by a detailed prep and delivery process. 


Lighting System Design

Creative Technology’s lighting team has years of experience designing lighting systems for concerts, corporate events, exhibitions, breakouts, and television. Our focus is to craft unique designs and systems that install quickly, perform flawlessly and complement the mood and ambience of the environment whatever the location and event. 


Lighting Fixtures

We continually invest in the latest LED lighting technology. We stock a huge selection of cutting-edge automated and static fixtures from the industry’s top brands including custom designed/built products specially for the trade show and exhibit industry. 


Control Systems

Ever evolving lighting control systems reduce onsite footprint whilst facilitating ever more complex and memorable creative possibilities. With reduced physical volume and power consumption we merge increased creativity with reduced environmental impact.  


Rigging & Engineering

Rigging and lighting often go hand in hand. We have developed rapid deployment rigging solutions that adhere to the highest safety standards whilst allowing for rapid deployment and removal. Usually, first in and last out flexible, fast and above all safe rigging is essential to almost every event. 

Our quality trussing systems, intelligent motors and rigorous failsafe standards are inherent in every rigging project from the design phase to the last shackle. 

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