Live event streaming re-defined with our new Vimeo enterprise package

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6 November, 2023
Our brand new investment in Vimeo Enterprise will take our events to a new level.

Our Vimeo package is designed to redefine our event streaming services and enhance audience viewing capabilities. With a strong focus on unlimited viewers and implementing its unique features, our package has been tailored by our team to meet the growing demands of businesses, educational institutions, organisations and event agencies, who aim for seamless and professional live and on-demand streaming.

Our new package offers:
  • Unlimited Viewers –  No more viewer limitations, allowing for an engaged global audience without constraints.
  • AD free HD streaming – Premium and professional viewing experiences with high-definition streaming, free from distracting advertisements.
  • SSO for secure private streams – Private streams accessed by authorised personnel only, keeping sensitive content protected, maintaining confidentiality of all broadcasts.
  • Live captioning – Reach a much larger audience, and ensure compliance with accessibility standards to create an inclusive streaming environment.
  • Remote live linking – Stream live content seamlessly, ensuring that communications are delivered with consistency and reliability, regardless of your location
  • On Demand Streaming (With timestamps if required) – On-demand access to streams, with the option to include timestamps, enabling viewers to jump to specific sections of your content effortlessly.

Learn more on the Vimeo website : Vimeo Enterprise Video Platform for Businesses & Brands

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