CTME's Lighting Department Marks Significant Growth and Innovation

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29 June, 2023
Lighting Innovation
Lighting Innovation
Creative Technology Middle East (CTME), a leading provider of cutting-edge event technology solutions, proudly announces the remarkable progress and expansion of its lighting department. With a focus on innovative solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and a talented team of experts, CTME is the go-to choice for exceptional professional lighting experiences. 

CTME boasts an extensive inventory of over 2000 lighting fixtures comprising renowned lighting brands, including Robe, Ayrton, Elation, Grand MA, Luminex, and more. These industry-leading fixtures, consoles, and atmospherics ensure that CTME remains at the forefront of lighting technology, delivering breathtaking visual experiences for a wide range of events. 

An exceptional highlight of CTME’s lighting capabilities is its ownership of Proteus Excalibur fixtures. As the sole player in the Middle East market to possess this highly sought-after item, CTME continues to set new standards and redefine event lighting possibilities. The Proteus Excalibur’s extraordinary capabilities, brightness and IP rating make it an indispensable asset for creating immersive and impactful lighting designs. 

Considering the growing demand and the company’s commitment to delivering excellence, CTME plans to expand its inventory again, adding to their already impressive inventory of trusted brands. CTME’s Managing Director Andy Reardon explains, “These investments reflect our dedication to meeting the market’s evolving needs and solidifying our position as a dominant force in the lighting industry.” 

He goes on to say, “Our exceptional team of professionals work closely with our clients to design and deliver immersive lighting experiences that create unforgettable moments. Their expertise, creativity, and commitment to excellence have contributed significantly to the department’s rapid growth and success.” 

Since its establishment in 2021, the CTME Lighting Department has played an integral role in numerous prestigious events. Notable projects include the awe-inspiring and Emmy award-winning lighting for Fox Studio, Veterans Day celebration, UAE Presidents Cup, The Dubai World Cup, Doha Debates and The PoleStar Car Launch. These endeavours showcase CTME’s lighting versatility and ability to deliver unforgettable experiences across various sectors. 

Reflecting on the department’s trajectory, Sam Connolly, Head of CTME’s Lighting Department, expressed his excitement about the team’s achievements and the promising future ahead. “When I started the CTME’s Lighting Department, I envisioned growth and success. Looking at our rapid expansion, the projects we’ve won, and the ones on the horizon, I am confident that we are on track to becoming the premier lighting supplier in the UAE. Our dedication and expertise will undoubtedly extend our reach to other regions, such as Qatar and Saudi, solidifying our position as an industry leader.” 

As CTME’s Lighting continues to illuminate events with their exceptional solutions, the team remains committed to pushing boundaries, delivering unparalleled experiences, and leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.