Creative Technology Reinforces Position as Premier Rental House for INFiLED Products in the Middle East

  • Live Events
20 July, 2023
Creative Technology, a leading provider of innovative event technology solutions in the Middle East, continues to establish itself as the region's premier rental house for INFiLED products.

As the exclusive rental supplier of INFiLED ART 4.6 and ER 5.9, Creative Technology Middle East maintains an impressive inventory of over 2,000 square meters of top-quality INFiLED products. Equipped with lightweight carbon fibre touring frames and die-cast wind bracing ladders. The innovative design reduces setup time onsite and withstands harsh outdoor weather conditions. This significant investment enables the company to cater to events of any scale, ensuring clients receive the highest quality LED screens for their productions.

“At Creative Technology, we are thrilled to consolidate our position as the premier rental house for INFiLED products in the Middle East. Our significant investments with INFiLED have allowed us to elevate our LED offering to new heights and offer our clients even more cutting-edge event technology solutions. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, and we are excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead.” – Andy Reardon, Managing Director, Creative Technology Middle East

Creative Technology Middle East and INFiLED harness their respective expertise and innovative technologies, resulting in transformative experiences. With Creative Technology’s extensive experience in live event production and INFiLED’s cutting-edge LED technology, they continuously deliver immersive visual spectacles that captivate audiences, creating extraordinary memories.

Both companies share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of event technology and delivering exceptional experiences, making their relationship truly synergistic.

Creative Technology have been using INFiLED products for many years across a variety of projects, with more recent events seeing INFiLED being successfully integrated into the Dubai World Cup and WWE Crown Jewel.

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup represents the pinnacle of the Middle East racing season and is well-known for its unparalleled spectacle. This year, CT supplied a comprehensive production package that included a full range of audio, video, lighting, and communication equipment. The centrepiece of the closing ceremony was an inspiring 1,600 square meters of INFiLED’s high-resolution LED screens, boasting an astonishing 68 million pixels.

Samer Otaibi, VP of Sales INFiLED Middle East, shares, “At INFiLED, we are proud to have been a centrepiece of the awe-inspiring closing ceremony at the prestigious Dubai World Cup. Our high-resolution LED screens created a visual spectacle that truly elevated the event. This successful collaboration with CT is a testament to our shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that exceed customer expectations and create unforgettable experiences.”

WWE Crown Jewel

The WWE Crown Jewel event is a highly anticipated and exhilarating event, where professional wrestlers from around the world converge to compete for the prestigious Crown Jewel championship.

To enhance the overall experience for both the audience in attendance and the viewers tuning in, Creative Technology stepped up to provide a massive display solution, utilising the cutting-edge technology offered by INFiLED. Leveraging INFiLED’s expertise and innovative solutions, an impressive 800 square meters of 4.6mm LED screens were delivered and strategically positioned around the ringside and entrance areas.

These meticulously placed LED screens acted as dynamic canvases, capturing the high-octane action, larger-than-life entrances, and awe-inspiring moments that unfolded throughout the event. The 4.6mm pixel pitch ensured exceptional image clarity, allowing every detail to be vividly showcased, while the strategic placement ensured that no attendee missed a single electrifying moment.

CT’s collaboration with INFiLED brought the latest display technology to the forefront and demonstrated their commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences. By seamlessly integrating the INFiLED LED screens into the event setup, CT played a pivotal role in elevating the overall production value and immersing the audience in the heart of the action.