UAE 51st National Day Celebrations

UAE 51st National Day
UAE 51st National Day
UAE 51st National Day
UAE National Day Celebrations is one of the most anticipated holidays in the country. The celebrations this year were absolutely stunning.

Creative Technology Middle East (CTME) were appointed by our client Peoples to provide immersive projection, creative LED and site wide video systems solution for this year’s UAE National Day, on behalf of Officialuaend.

This UAE National Day took the audience on a generational journey of the UAE’s inspiring pioneers as viewers were transported from sea to space.

Emirati musicians and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra provided a beautiful live soundtrack as the audience followed the story of a group of children who learn about the UAE’s rich culture, present-day achievements and its future goals and ambitions.

CTME supplied a massive 2.2km of ROE Visual LED strip across the project, along with immersive projection and a site-wide video systems solution.

The video projection system covered the roadway of the venue with a canvas size of 100m length x 12.5m depth; and included two 24m diameter circular surfaces at either end of the roadway, a total canvas size of 2150m2. Projectors were flown from parallel trusses above either side of the roadway; CTME designed and fabricated custom fly-ware for the 24 Panasonic RQ35k Projectors firing downward and the roadway, and custom portrait mounts for the 24 Panasonic RQ50k Projectors providing coverage for the circular surfaces.

In addition to the projection systems, CTME provided over 2000 running meters of creative LED; made up of varying lengths of ROE Strips. The flown system consisted of 19 catenaries spanning the full width of the venue. We rigged over 1100 Roe strips, 115 LED data control boxes full IP rated data and power distribution. This was then integrated into a further 650 roe strips within the grandstands and walkways.

CTME provided Panasonic UE150 remote PTZ cameras for CCTV of the show area. The UE150 was chosen for its stability and performance in low light environments. The CCTV system gave full view of the projection canvas remotely, which was required to get the initial projection line up and balance as tight as possible, then maintain the calibration throughout the rehearsal and show.

The full LED and Projection system was controlled, monitored, and fed from a centralised systems cabin 300m offsite.

CTME managed all video systems and distribution of feeds and networking to the full site. 18x UHD outgoing display port sources needed to be cross converted to 72 unique 3G-SDI feeds for primary and backup Projection inputs. A further 8 outgoing 3G-SDI feeds from disguise GX2-c suite were provided for the creative LED system. All incoming and outgoing feeds were managed by 288 Dual Crosspoint 3G SDI router, with direct onboard conversions to 3G fiber optic, streamlining the delivery of signals around such a large space.

In addition, CTME managed over 200 small format monitors for the VIP Grandstand, which were integrated into each seatback, giving each seated guests their own view of the television broadcast.

Dan Hughes, Senior Project Manager at CTME, commented: “It was an absolute pleasure to work on ND51 this year. Our specialist teams personified the spirit of dedication and teamwork. Thank you to our friends at People for engaging us on such a jaw-dropping event that was truly spectacular.

Hosted at ADNEC, the main show took place on December 2nd followed by 9 days of shows attended by the general public.

The shows were filled with live performances, unique technologies and rich storytelling that paid tribute to the UAE’s past and the vision of its forefathers. It also featured a tribute to the late Sheikh Khalifa, Former President of the UAE.

The audience were seated in a 108-meter-long portal with full projection—one end representing the UAE’s past, the other its future—and each side adorned with 51 lights.


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