Asian Football Cup

CTME brings to life the magic of the Asian Football Cup 2024 in the vibrant city of Doha, Qatar, through its remarkable technological prowess.

Our AV supply at the Asian Football Cup, included projectors, video system design, projection equipment, LED screens, servers, and infrastructure for signal transport and distribution.

Video Delivery

Creative Technology crafted a complex signal distribution matrix covering approximately 10km of fibre to various stadium locations, including catwalks for PTZ cameras. Our responsibilities also extended to the Field of Play for LED screens, OB Trucks, and signal transport for in-house screens. 50 units ofPanasonic RQ35k projectors, equipped with a mix of LE80 and LE40 lenses, were strategically employed to project vivid imagery onto the meticulously crafted handmade sand dunes. Adding another layer of sophistication to the production were 12 Disguise VX4+ units, serving as Actors, with 2 Disguise GX2C units. The visual centrepiece of the show, a breath-taking display, was brought to life with the integration of 600 panels of ROE BP2 V2.



Challenges arose from ensuring optimal alignment of all the projected imagery on the sand dune forms. Another challenge was the giant flowerpetals, housing Roe BP2 V2. LED screens, which posed installation and maintenance challenges given their height of 12m and weight of 2 tons. CTME collaborated with Stage One’s automation experts to ensure the flawless movement of the colossal structures. Riaan Gomes, CT’s Senior Project Manager, expressed his excitement about being part of the AFC saying “this project was a monumental achievement in the landscape of international sporting spectacles”. Gomes highlighted the unique challenges and the rewarding experience of overcoming them.

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