Ikmah After Dark: An Extraordinary Celebration at Al-Ula

Ikmah After Dark, an extraordinary celebration unfolding in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, showcases the rich tapestry of the region's history and heritage.

Al-Ula is one of the most spectacular sights in Saudi Arabia, as it combines history with modernity. Creative Technology breathed life into the cultural tapestry of inscriptions from long-gone civilizations, allowing for a dynamic and immersive exploration of the rich historical narratives etched into its rocks.

This event commemorates Jabal Ikmah’s induction into the prestigious UNESCO Memory of the World Register. Here, attendees were invited on an immersive journey, unravelling the enigmatic tales and wonders of Jabal Ikmah through a captivating show projected onto the mountain’s surface.

Creative Technology’s Involvement

Creative Technology (CT) were proud to be part of this event, providing video, lighting and audio solutions on behalf of our client ImagineExperience. Our involvement encompassed a cutting-edge display of 27 x 50K Panasonic Projectors and disguise servers, spanning 33,600 square meters of the rocky canvas with a remarkable projection throw extending 285 meters.


For audio, an immersive L’Acoustics Syva system, comprising 6 boxes and 4 subs, envelops the seating area, while 25 x L’Acoustic 5xt speakers are strategically positioned along a 300-meter rocky pathway, all orchestrated seamlessly from a Digico desk and racks.


56 x Astera ax5s were integrated into lanterns to illuminate the pathways, complemented by 24 x Elation Maximus and 16 x Elation Exaclibur lights that artfully set the ambience of the night, all controlled by a GrandMA 3 lighting desk and NPU.

The use of cutting-edge technology opened up new avenues for cultural understanding and historical appreciation, bridging the gap between the past and the present. This harmonious integration exemplifies the transformative power technology in resuscitating history while embracing the possibilities of the future.


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