CT Delivers Lighting and Projection at Pure Health, Louvre, Abu Dhabi

Creative Technology were at the iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi earlier this month for the launch event for Pure Health, one of the largest integrated healthcare platforms in the UAE.

The company unveiled the future of healthcare in its new vision, brand identity and brand promise at an immersive ceremony at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, in the presence of high level dignitaries, officials, and prominent personalities from leading entities across the government and private sector.

CT delivered an immersive outdoor projection using 26 Panasonic projectors across the main transition areas of the exhibition with content control & playback, alongside a bespoke lighting package for the opening performance to bring the incredible creative vision to life.

The main stage had further video projection adding to the evening’s atmosphere.

Carlos Aguilar lead engineer on site expressed, “We used more than 5km of fibers to connect and give control of all the system in one central location. The content playback from our VX4 disguise helped us to adjust layers to matchpixel perfect for the video mapping across the Louvre. It was a massive challenge for us but having a prepared plan of action and a great team we managed to install everything seamlessly.”

He continued “This project was very complex due to the areas that needed the projection however due to the pre-planned and refined pre-production allowed our expert engineers to accomplish the scope of the work in a timely way leaving a huge wow factor for delegates walking inside the Louvre”

Artur Kurowski Project Manager commented, “Our teams spend months of planning and quality time on pre-production before any equipment goes to site. Their key focus is to ensure all the kit is prepared to an excellent standard along with the pre-programing of all the content. Sometimes load in time frame onsite can be limited, however, we are always confident and proud to be able to deliver quickly and efficiently due to all the pre-production before we even come to site. This allows us to successfully deliver our scope of work and achieve great results in a timely way.”

He further expressed “This project was unique due to the different type of projection we delivered. The team worked hard delivering what was an excellent event and I would like to extend a thank you to our friends at 3DB who engaged us in this project.”

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