DP World Tour - Delivering All Video Aspects

Golf LED Screens
Golf LED Screens
Golf LED Screens
Creative Technology (CT) delivered all video aspects for the world-renowned event for the 10th year running on behalf of European Tour Productions.

CT supplied 4 x ROE CB5 outdoor screens to ensure spectators could follow the event no matter where they were. ROE CB5 was used due to the high refresh rate, and high NIT levels which make it ideal for outdoor viewing, even in daylight.

The custom detachable touring frames are specifically designed with outdoor applications in mind and have been wind rated to provide structural rigidity while providing a lightweight solution.

The fun-filled family event had live music performances in the Champion Village where attendees could relax, enjoy the performances, eat and drink from various vendors and even get a free golf lesson. It was here where CT’s 21sqm outdoor screen was situated to ensure all spectators in this area never missed a second of the tournament. The driving range was also a popular place for fans as they got to watch pro golfers warm-up and practice while both golfers and fans kept up to date on CT’s 10sqm outdoor screen. The 18-hole course had high footfall around the 18th green which is why CT strategically placed two screens here, one 21sqm outdoor screen faced the 18th hole grandstand, and one 60sqm outdoor screen was directly opposite the 18th green and hospitality areas.

A first for the touring event was the 11sqm Absen A3 Pro indoor screen located in the championship hospitality chalet. The hospitality chalet houses the key sponsor lounges and the hospitality terraces. Adding the indoor screen this year gave all VIP guests a fantastic HD experience.

In the media centre, CT provided a 21sqm Absen A3 Pro indoor screen to allow the press to follow the action in real-time while providing a customised scoring graphical wrapper.

59 IP TV’s ranging from 15” – 65” were strategically placed in various locations and used to display CT’s customised Tournament Television Programme (TTV) comprising of live feeds, highlights, interviews, scoring, player information, stats, social media and sponsor advertising.

For the first four hours of each event day, CT also supplied Sony HDC 1500 camera channels to offer coverage of every shot on the first hole, to provide a live feed for the TTV programme before the World Feed went live.

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