Dubai World Cup 2023

Dubai World Cup 2023
Dubai World Cup 2023
Dubai World Cup 2023
The Dubai World Cup 2023, hosted at the renowned Meydan Racecourse, marked the zenith of horse racing season, offering an unparalleled blend of glamour and fierce competition.

From the cheer of racegoers and the explosions of fireworks, the world’s largest spectacular race day provided a truly global stage upon which the best racehorses and jockeys in the world came to compete for the massive prize draw. Creative Technology (CT) delivered a full turnkey solution of audio, video, lighting and communications for the closing ceremony on behalf of our client, Artists in Motion.

The Technical Delivery Solution:

Our technical delivery solution consisted of bespoke LED screens, content management, audio distribution, and a fully featured lighting and extensive communications package to ensure racegoers had an unforgettable day.

Video and Visuals:

1,400sqm of Outdoor INFiLED LED: A display of INFiLED Art 4.6 and INFiLED ER5 LED screens, totalling 1,400sqm, creating a visual impact.

Disguise Servers: 10 Disguise media servers for content playback, displaying an astounding 68 million pixels and incorporating in-camera Augmented Reality (AR) for the closing ceremony broadcast.

Barco E2 Systems: Three Barco E2 Gen2 systems were linked and employed for screen management and switching, ensuring seamless transitions and visuals.

Stage Precision Software: CT utilised Stage Precision software in conjunction with Stype camera tracking technology to trigger live generative content from Unreal Engine. This was overlayed as an augmented reality graphic effect on our broadcast mix, enhancing the visual spectacle.

Comprehensive Video Coverage:

A dedicated team of 30 video engineers orchestrated the capture of the mesmerising ceremony, which was subsequently broadcast globally using a 6-camera PPU system.

Audio Excellence:

d&b GSL & SL-SUB: CT chose the d&b GSL & SL-SUB audio system to complement the visuals, delivering a cinematic sonic experience. Four hangs of 8x GSL8 in the in-field and four ground stacks of 3x SL-SUB SUB for the low-end extension ensured an immersive audio experience.

DiGiCo Quantum 338: Audio control was managed by the DiGiCo Quantum 338 console, while an OptoCore loop of 6x SD-Rack & SD-Mini Rack facilitated audio distribution across the vast venue.

Robust Network Infrastructure: Approximately four kilometres of Opticalcon Duo Fiber was added to the venue’s existing fiber infrastructure to distribute audio feeds across the large venue, with Luminex switches handling all the nodes. The result was a reliable and rock-steady dual redundant Dante network.

Seamless Communications:

Structured Network: A structured network built by CT, supported by Luminex’s Giga core’s units, facilitated data delivery.

Riedel Artist Frames and Bolero Wireless Units: x2 Riedel Artist Frames, x10 Wired Comms, and x32 Bolero Wireless units formed the communication backbone, ensuring seamless coordination.

Motorola Radios: 60 Motorola Radios with x4 SLR5500 Repeaters were integrated for site preparations and emergency communications.

Effective Integration: External companies’ networks were seamlessly integrated into CT’s system, allowing for full show control and 4-wire party line communications between systems and other companies.

Spectacular Lighting:

MA Lighting GrandMA 3: Over 500 lighting fixtures were controlled by the MA Lighting GrandMA 3, with 6 MA3 NPUS ensuring precise control of all lighting parameters.

Diverse Lighting Fixtures: The lighting rig featured a wide range of fixtures, including Elation Excalibur, SGM P6, Proteus Maximus, Robe LED Beam 350, JDC1, Ayrton Diablo, Ayrton Perseo, and many more.

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