Enhancing Siemens' Experience Centre at Expo City Dubai

Siemens' Experience Centre
Siemens' Experience Centre
Siemens' Experience Centre
Siemens' Experience Centre
Siemens' Experience Centre
Enhancing Siemens' Experience Centre at Expo City Dubai

Project Overview:

Siemens’ Experience Center, The Blueprint, provides a dynamic narrative journey divided into three distinct chapters, seeking to engage visitors through immersive technologies. Each chapter offered a unique blend of visuals, audio, and interactivity:

  • Chapter 1: 270-Degree Projection
  • Chapter 2: LED Lightshow with Immersive Audio
  • Chapter 3: Interactive Projection

The space’s use case changed as the initial installation was designed for Expo 2020. Post Expo, the content within the experience was set to be updated and considering longevity of Experience Center, Creative Technology (CT) was commissioned by our global client Jack Morton Worldwide, to update the installation, making a robust infrastructure fitting of a permanent installation.


Creative Technology undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the backend infrastructure, employing industry-standard products like Q-SYS and other technologies.

Key initiatives included:

System Monitoring Solution: Implemented to enable real-time monitoring of equipment status.

Backend Reconstruction: Rebuilt backend infrastructure to facilitate easier serviceability and maintenance.

Content Update and Alignment: Collaborated with the client to update and realign video content in all three zones.

Networking Equipment: Installed networking equipment to enhance connectivity and fault-finding capabilities.

Programming and Labour: Focused efforts on programming and labour-intensive tasks to streamline fault diagnosis and resolution processes.

Example of Problem Resolution: An issue highlighted the effectiveness of the implemented solutions. Despite initial remote fixes, recurring issues prompted a deeper investigation. Through log analysis, CT diagnosed a power supply fault, facilitating warranty replacement with the manufacturer’s support.

Equipment and Upgrades:

CT provided a range of hardware and software upgrades to enhance the offices functionality and reliability, including:

  • Replacement of main show laptop with a rack mounted PC to increase reliability.
  • Installation of AV network switches to replace unmanaged consumer network switches.
  • Lighting hardware enhancements to increase stability.
  • Labelling and replacement of damaged cables.
  • Produce full detailed schematics and schedules for ease of fault finding.
  • Additional equipment such as USB extenders, KVM video matrix, control system platform, and HDMI cables/adapters.


The collaboration between Siemens, Jack Morton Worldwide and CT resulted in a seamlessly integrated visitor experience, characterised by enhanced reliability, accessibility, and flexibility suited to a permanent installation. Through meticulous programming and labour, CT transformed the setup into a serviceable technological powerhouse. The project exemplifies our commitment to delivering solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

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