Lusail International Circuit by Creative Technology

Creative Technology (CT), with a longstanding history of collaboration with the Lusail International Circuit, had the privilege of contributing our expertise and cutting-edge technology to one of their many exceptional events.

Lusail International Circuit is the home to their own F1 and MotoGP events.


Our dedicated technical Project Manager, Dhyaan, played a crucial role in guiding the project through each phase, from initial consultation to overseeing the implementation of the proposed solutions. Dhyaan used his expertise to consult and provide an integration method between the client’s structures and temporary screens. He took the available information and worked closely with structural engineers to design a custom mounting plate to securely attach the screens in a way they were not originally designed for. The unique mounting plate ensured screen safety without causing damage to the structures. These plates were rigorously tested and successfully withstood winds of up to 55 kmph on the eve of the event. This solution is helpful for all events that will take place at the circuit.

During the tender process, CT’s audio engineers meticulously submitted drawings for the client, providing audio plots for every grandstand. Creative Technology considered audience numbers, seating capacity, and the expected sound pressure levels to ensure a high-quality audio experience. Additionally, due to the structures being temporary, there wasn’t anything built to hang the audio, so Creative Technology looked at the alignment of the audio and submitted a rigging method to the client, showing them how it would look and giving them the chance to interject for any changes.

LED Screens

CT supplied over 607sqm of LED distributed across ten screens. These screens were thoughtfully placed facing the grandstands and the VIP area, bringing the action closer to the fans. The placement of the screens was determined by the client’s temporary grandstands. CT adapted to the structures provided and positioned the screens to maximise the viewing experience for the spectators. To manage the vast spread of screens, a camera monitoring system was implemented to provide real-time surveillance and quick responses to any issues.

Audio System

CT deployed 81 speaker towers throughout the circuit. The challenge was to balance audio quality with the spectator’s comfort, given the constraints of space. The solution was a point source audio system with strategically positioned subs along the front of the stands. Each tower had specific speakers for near-field and far-field sound coverage. This configuration allowed for even volume distribution, ensuring that those at the front didn’t experience discomfort due to the high sound pressure levels required for coverage at the back.

Camera and Dante Distribution Systems

The Dante distribution system played a pivotal role in providing control over the audio at each location while ensuring redundancy through a primary and secondary system. This setup ensured the efficiency and reliability of the audio experience throughout the event. Additionally, the camera monitoring system allowed CT to keep a watchful eye on all screens across the circuit.

Fast Laps Technology

CT’s contributions extended beyond the circuit’s LED screens and audio system. In one of the garages, a room was set up for the briefings, equipped with technology to facilitate the “fast laps” section of the event. The audio setup included the L-Acoustics Syva system, a Yamaha QL1 audio console, and a Shure wireless kit. Two TVs and a Mastercue system were employed for video to ensure that the event’s fast laps briefingsran seamlessly.

CT’s LED and audio solutions enhanced the overall experience for spectators and VIPs. Spectators were able to see and hear the race action in vivid detail. The combination of strategically positioned LED screens and the immersive audio system ensured that everyone had access to a front-row experience, no matter where they were seated.

Creative Technology’s collaboration with Lusail International Circuit stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation in live events. The successful implementation of these solutions not only elevated the spectator experience but also showcased our ability to adapt and excel in diverse event environments. We take pride in our role in making events at Lusail International Circuit unforgettable and look forward to continuing our legacy of delivering excellence in the realm of event technology.

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