WWE Super Showdown Jeddah

WWE Super Showdown
WWE Super Showdown
Delivering 1,390sqm LED screens for the Super Showdown in Jeddah

WWE Super Showdown took place at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah on the 7th June 2019. Having supplied LED for all WWE Middle East events for the past two years running, CT we were once again called upon by our client Screenworks to deliver 1,390sqm LED screens for the Super Showdown in Jeddah.

CT supplied 586sqm LED for the main entrance screen which had 12 central tiles removed to allow a walkway for the contestants. A 24sqm LED screen sat at the back of the central entrance, and two 48sqm LED screens were situated backstage.

The bespoke LED entrance screen enabled the contestants to have easy access to the stage while ensuring they were well hidden before making their big entrance. This was achieved by strategically placing an LED screen to the rear of the central entrance, which granted easy access to the stage. The design of the two screens allowed the content to run smoothly across the main screen without visibly noticing the 12 central tiles that were removed for the entrance.

Arguably the main attraction was around the ring where all the wrestling matches took place. CT dressed all the truss legs around the ground support that sits above the ring with a total of 408sqm LED screens.

CT also supplied 4 x 58sqm LED screens which were situated above the centre of the ring and 4 x 11sqm VIP screens which were placed above each corner of the ring. These screens provided a high-resolution, high brightness, high-quality solution to display all the content, including event information, live video feeds, and live results.

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