UAE 48th National Day Celebration

UAE 48th National Day
UAE 48th National Day
UAE 48th National Day
UAE 48th National Day
CT Delivers 1600sqm LED screens for the UAE 48th National Day Celebration

CT were called upon by our client Betty Productions to supply 1600sqm of LED screens, 4K processing, media servers and screen control for the UAE’s 48th National Day Celebration.

The UAE celebrated its 48th National Day with a spectacular theatrical production the ‘Legacy of our Ancestors’ which took the audience on a journey of the UAE’s heritage, ancestors and values. The event saw more than 5,000 experts from 70 countries come together to shape this unmissable production and saw more than 20,000 people attend to watch the unforgettable event at Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

Rotating Screens:

CT supplied a total of 1,260sqm 4.8mm LED to make up 22 individual 12m high automated screens which rotated at various times throughout the production to reveal the ‘Moon’ screen behind. The individual LED screens varied in width. The wider 7m, 1,456 pixel width screens were positioned on the outer side and got progressively thinner with the smallest 3.5m, 728 pixel width in the middle.

Moon Screen:

The ‘Moon’ screen consisted of a 1 x 18m 8mm diameter screen and was only revealed when the 22 individual screens in front rotated.

CT was tasked with creating a solution to allow the brightness of the screens to be controlled, however having 34 NovaStar 4K’s made this challenging. CT were able to develop a solution by writing a bespoke code which enables all the processors to run on the same network allowing us to use a rotator knob to control the brightness.

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