Liwa Festival

The LIWA festival is a 25 day-long celebration of UAE heritage with competitions and activities with the highlight feature of the festival, the adventurous race to the 300m top of one of the world’s highest sand hills.

Welcome to the heart of adrenaline-fueled excitement, where the vast sands of the Liwa Desert play host to the electrifying Liwa Tal Moreeb Festival. Liwa Tal Moreeb festival attracts the region’s most powerful four-wheel vehicle drivers and bikers to face exciting challenges from motocross to camel and horse racing along with a classic cars competition and freestyle drifting.  A unique blend of tradition and modern thrill-seeking, immersing participants and spectators alike in a vibrant celebration of UAE heritage. As we delve into the heart of this exhilarating event, we discover a captivating fusion of cultural homage and extreme adventure, making the Liwa Tal Moreeb Festival an unmissable highlight on the annual calendar.

Video Setup

CT supplied a huge rig and array of 78 Panasonic RQ35 video projectors to create a spectacular visual backdrop to the event displaying an epic, 13,200 m2 video content across the massive Tal Moreeb dune. With content design by the super creative @artists_in_motion, festival goers were treated to three specially curated films telling stories aboutEmirati culture as well as the all-important hill climb statistics and data.

Audio Setup

Supporting the video across the huge arena required a powerful, high intelligibility audio system so CTME called on their growing inventory of high spec solutions to deliver 27 D&B KSL cabinets and 18 SL subs to do the job. Across the site in the LIWA food truck area we provided 30 L’Acoustic Syva speaker systems driven by wireless satellite to provide even coverage across the large village for general entertainment as guests relaxed away from the high-octane races and challenges happening by the big dune.

From motocross and camel racing to classic cars competitions and freestyle drifting, every event has left an indelible mark on the sands, echoing the spirit of adventure that defines the festival. This annual extravaganza stands as a magnet, drawing the region’s most formidable drivers and daring bikers to the challenging terrain. The climax, a heart-pounding race to the summit of one of the world’s highest sand hills, stands as a symbol of triumph and perseverance. Creative Technology enfused our technological prowess to make this an unforgettable event.

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