Cutting-Edge Technology Elevates the Presidents Cup Final 2024

Held at the prestigious Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, The Presidents Cup Final 2024 was a testament to the power of innovative technology in creating unforgettable audience experiences in sporting events.

The President’s Cup 2024 was a spectacular display of athleticism, teamwork, and technological innovation. Our team’s remarkable efforts and synergy ensured the success of the event. Among the many elements that contributed to the event’s success, lighting and projection mapping played pivotal roles in creating an immersive and captivating atmosphere for both the audience. Through the creative application of the projection mapping on the field, creative technology transformed the venue into a visual masterpiece, elevating the overall experience to new heights. Projection mapping added an extra layer of depth and dimensionality to the event, bringing the surroundings to life with dynamic visuals and animations that perfectly complemented the action on the field.

The video setup was nothing short of impressive, with 40 PT-RZ 31K Laser Panasonic Projectors, 2 vx2 Disguise, 4 vx4 Disguise, and an SDI 128X128 Matrix for seamless signal distribution. The stadium’s IMAGs were powered by a V8, while the Majilis was equipped with antiglare monitors for optimal viewing. While Stage Precision ensured flawless systems control throughout the event. The rehearsal space was equipped with 20 PT-DZ 20K Panasonic projectors and 2 VX4 to ensure seamless preparation for the main event. Carlos Aguilar, head of Video, explained that “one of the most significant challenges faced by the team was achieving a bright and sharp projection over the grass, spanning an impressive 600 sqm at 300 LUX. To enhance the colours and reduce the green tint, the team employed UE-150 PTZ cameras strategically positioned around the stadium.”

Lighting also played a crucial role in setting the mood and enhancing the visual experience. The array of fixtures included 40 Robe Forte, 58 Elation Proteus Excalibur, 40 Ayrton Perseo Profile, 32 Ayrton ARGO 6 FX, 20 GLP Impression X4 BAR 20, 16 Elation Proteus Maximus, 16 Astera AX5 LED PAR, and 4 Robe Robo FOLLOWSPOT systems. The lighting control was managed by a GRANDMA 3 Full-size, 2 GRANDMA 3 Light Size, and 3 GRANDMA 3 NPU L, with an impressive 15.7 km of DMX cabling. The Presidents Cup 2024 showcased the immense potential of cutting-edge technology in creating immersive and visually stunning experiences. The dedication and expertise of the video and lighting crews, along with the innovative use of equipment, resulted in a truly memorable event that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

The seamless integration of state-of-the-art lighting and video equipment, coupled with the skill and dedication of the production crews, resulted in unforgettable sporting event for everyone in attendance. The Presidents Cup Final 2024 set a new standard for what is possible when innovation and expertise come together. Special thanks to our client People Creative for trusting us in delivering their creative vision. The success of this event will undoubtedly inspire future organizers to push the boundaries of technology and creativity, ensuring that audiences around the world can continue to enjoy increasingly immersive and captivating experiences.

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